CES 2019: A Week in Review

The lotus823 team just returned from a whirlwind week at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) 2019, and once again, the biggest tech show in the world did not disappoint! With thousands of established companies, startups, and entrepreneurs flooding Las Vegas to flaunt the absolute latest in automotive, robotics, housewares, and everything in between, there was a lot of truly amazing things to see. Spoiler alert: The Jetsons era is here, with self-driving cars, companion robots, and anything you can think of being powered by AI.

CES 2019: A Week in Review

While high-tech buzz and excitement generated through the city, here are some key moments from our clients who attended CES 2019 that you may have missed:


Audio-Technica showcased an array of new audio products that will bring big sound and exceptionally pure audio to life. The audiophile community was impressed, and it did not go unnoticed, as Audio-Technica took home USA Today’s Reviewed.com CES Editor’s Choice Award, Android Authority’s Top Picks CES 2019 Award for Audio, and the Videomaker Best of CES 2019 Award.

CES 2019: A Week in Review


ECOVACS ROBOTICS was a true show-stopper on the smart home front, introducing its most comprehensive line of home cleaning robots yet. From floors, to windows, to the air, ECOVACS showcased its focus on user convenience for every spot in the home. The main highlight was the brand’s new AIVI (Artificial Intelligence/Visual Interpretation) robot vacuum/mop combo that will allows users to enjoy, “no cleaning before cleaning,” with its ability to recognize and avoid typical household obstacles such as socks and cords – something no other robotic vacuum company is currently doing! The new DEEBOT won a USA Today’s Reviewed.com CES Editor’s Choice Award during the show.

CES 2019: A Week in Review


MicroVision, Inc., a leader in innovative laser beam scanning technology for projection display and sensing, announced a new line of AI-connected devices at CES 2019. Most notably, MicroVision’s Interactive Display PicoP® Scanning Engine made a big splash among industry attendees because of its solution to provide projected display and interactivity in one single module. Check it out in action:

Seville Classics

Showcasing various sit-to-stand solutions, Seville Classics’ newest standout was its AIRLIFT® Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk. This solution automatically adjusts the height of the desk from 29 inches to 47 inches with just the touch of its AIRLIFT controller. This new product makes convenience and comfort for the corporate or home office more accessible than ever before, winning the company bragging rights as a 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

CES 2019: A Week in Review

Congratulations to all of our clients on another great showcase at CES. We look forward to the advancements that 2020 will bring!

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