Each year at CES is like having a graduating class of gadgets – packed with smarts, savvy, unique design, and of course, a couple of goof balls.

Shaping the market for consumer tech, we found our favorite gizmos and gadgets and have labeled their class superlatives! From “Too Cool for School” to the “Life of the Party,” take a look at our top picks from CES this year.

Too Cool for School

The smart home just got a lot cooler – Panasonic debuted a transparent TV display. Their booth was set up with shelving and home décor. What looked like a normal, transparent, glass enclosure, magically transformed into a TV screen.


Source: The Verge

Life of the Party

After the chaos of CES, I’m sure many exhibitors and visitors are ready to unwind with a cold beer or glass of wine. PROOF, claiming to be “the first wearable for alcohol”, tracks alcohol content through your skin as you drink. Bottoms up.

Best Dressed

Keep your style current with the POP-I Smart Backback. Using E Ink technology and Bluetooth connectivity, users can change the image on their backpack to suit whatever mood they’re in.

POP-I Smart Backback

Source: POP-I

Most Dramatic

One of the most talked about products this year was a smart hairbrush, the Hair Coach. A project from Withings, Kérastase and L’Oréal, the brush claims to keep data on your hair-brushing habits to help you take better care of your hair.

Most Likely to Know the Gossip

Definitely one of the quirkier devices at the show, the Hushme identifies as the “world’s first voice mask for mobile phones.” The gadget uses ear buds and a mask worn around your neck and face to allow user privacy and quiet when taking calls in public. The mask muffles your voice, and can also play a variety of sounds through external speakers for added privacy.

Hushme CES 2017

Source: Hushme

Most Athletic

Unveiled at the show, the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle aims to help kids stay active and learn by combining pedaling with different games and activities.

Fisher Price CES 2017

Source: Digital Trends

Best All Around

And last but not least, LG debuted its Signature OLED TV W at CES 2017. This TV seems too good to be true – it’s big and bright but only 2.57 mm thick. That is unbelievably thin!


LG CES 2017

Source: LG


What was your favorite tech from CES this year? We’d love to hear from you.


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