Our Favorite Nostalgic School Supplies

As kids throughout the nation are heading back to school, our office wanted to indulge in a little back-to-school nostalgia, remembering when September was synonymous with fresh highlighters and new notebooks. As we think back to those earlier days, there are inevitably moments of hilarity, joy, and even some good-humored embarrassment (“Mom, why did you let me leave the house looking like that?!”).

So, we decided to ask our team members: What was your favorite back-to-school memory or must-have essential? You can read what they said below, and please join in the nostalgia by sharing your own favorite back-to-school memory or school supply in the comments below!


“My favorite back-to-school memory was choosing an outfit for the first day of school. Leading up to that day, I’d go shopping with my mom or grandparents for what felt like a whole new wardrobe. Then I’d spend the day before trying on everything before settling on the best option.”

-Beth Gard | Senior Manager, Client Relations


“My favorite part of going back to school was the shopping! I remember my sisters and I trying on a bunch of different clothes and fighting over who gets what. My favorite new item was always shoes. Whether it was the coolest new sneakers or something pretty, I always got really excited about new shoes.”

-Amanda Erdmann | Digital Marketing Strategist


“As summer would come to a close, and the back-to-school stories were looming, I knew there was one thing to be excited about – Lisa Frank folders and notebooks. There is nothing like a fresh, never before used notebook! These colorful and imaginative patterns were always there to brighten my day.”

-Katie Lynch | Account Manager


“Often the shortest kid in the class, I was used to sitting in the front row for the class photo year after year. But I never got discouraged about my height – it inspired me to always pick a great outfit, because I knew it would be on display!”

-Nancy Kohlreiter | Chief Operating Officer


“When I was younger I always got excited about going back to school, and loved picking out everything that would make up my day one outfit. My Ghostbusters tee shirt and She Ra lunch box combo may have been a bit confusing to some, but it was definitely my go-to Kindergarten uniform!”

-Dan Kulp | Vice President


“My favorite memory had as much to do with the build up for back to school as the actual day. Consulting with the girls about our “game day” attire was a must. In the end, I always went with the bell bottoms –  preferably paisley with a touch of red.”

-Rachel Litner | Chief Strategy Officer



“My favorite back-to-school item was my grammar school lunch box, a tin Batman lunchbox just like the one in the pic attached.  I’m still a huge Batman fan today.”

-David Hernandez | Co-Founder and Managing Partner


“My lunch box was the most exciting back-to-school purchase. Over the years, I recall having a variety: Scooby Doo, Doctor Doolittle, The Brady Bunch; the best was Bobby Sherman (a super cute singer song writer). But hands down, my favorite was the Dr. Doolittle lunch box with the 2-headed llama – my favorite character – pushmi-pullyu (pronounced push me – pull you).”

-Allison Hernandez | Co-Founder & Managing Partner



“My back-to-school essential was a very cool trapper binder that probably weighed as much as I did at the time. I would store all of my folders for each subject. Even in grade school, I was extremely organized and into glittery desk supplies!”

-Erica Bonavitacola | Account Manager


“My favorite back-to-school memory was going into kindergarten decked out in Britney Spears back to school supplies. I had the folders, notebooks, pencils, erasers, probably everything in the collection. It must have been funny for the teachers to see a five-year-old Britney Spears super fan.”

-Samantha Barnwell | Assistant Account Executive



“Gel pens were my all-time favorite back-to-school item back in the day. I loved to take notes in a different color every day, depending on my mood or what I was writing about!”

-Olivia Munafo | Account Coordinator


“I absolutely loved going back to school and couldn’t wait to get started! I was obsessed with keeping each class color coordinated by folder, notebook, and highlighter, but my favorite back to school item was definitely pens. I hold any writing utensil in a slightly strange position, so it was really important to pick out pens that I would be comfortable with when taking a lot of notes.”

-MJ Thompson | Digital Marketing & Design Manager 

We hope you enjoyed reading this #ThrowbackThursday as much as we enjoyed writing it and reminiscing! Don’t forget to add your comment below and join us in the nostalgia!


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