If you know me, you know that I’m a diehard fan of AMC’s powerhouse show, The Walking Dead (TWD). Oftentimes, I envision how life would be if a true zombie apocalypse were to occur: I would instantly be eaten. Now that season 4 has come to a close, I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself for the next 7 months.

As a result of following the show over the last few years, I’ve noticed there are quite a few parallels between how Rick, Daryl, Carl and the rest of the gang live and how a PR and digital marketing agency like lotus823 functions.

Let’s sink our teeth into some advice from these walker-slayers on how to outsmart the competition and build a killer brand.


Developing, implementing and sticking to a strategy from the get-go are of utmost importance. A strategic plan helps better achieve success, plus being on the same page helps the team communicate smoothly. TWD gang relies on a carefully designed strategy to survive – and so does your brand.

Think on your Feet

While it’s important to be proactive, reacting appropriately to a given situation is just as crucial. When current events have an impact on your client or its industry, you need to think on your feet in order to either capitalize on or rectify a situation.

You just never know when you’ll be blindsided by a herd of hungry zombies and will need to quickly create a makeshift weapon – or find a really, really good hiding spot.


Have a Crisis Plan *spoiler alert*

This is PR 101, but always have a crisis plan in place. In TWD, when The Governor came in and demolished the prison, the group had an escape route. Granted, one could argue that they should have established a meeting point, you need to think of worst-case scenario and plan for it. You’ll thank yourself when this plan needs to be put into action.

Teamwork is Dreamwork

Unless your name is Daryl Dixon or Michonne, flying solo during the zombie apocalypse is basically a death sentence. It’s important to form your A-team and utilize them wisely. If you’re an integrated client here at lotus823, your team will consist of PR, social media, SEO and content marketing specialists who work together to get you where you want to be.

Now, I have to ask: would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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