Amazon’s new beta measurement solution is on track to provide sellers with insights they’ve sought for years. Read on for information regarding ways in which brands can assess the impact that third-party advertising and marketing has on their sales on the world’s largest retail platform.

Amazon Attribution Beta 101: What Your Brand Needs to Know

Amazon Attribution Beta Explained

For brands that choose to sell on Amazon, it is now possible to measure the impact of non-Amazon advertising and media such as search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads, earned media, and email marketing. The Amazon Attribution beta was developed to help brands maximize their advertising return on investment, by providing an in-depth shopping and sales impact analysis.

Through the console, brands can access cross-channel attribution and pinpoint the digital marketing activities that are helping drive sales on Amazon. With unique conversion measurements, optimization capabilities, and essential information for planning more efficient campaigns in the future, Amazon Attribution offers brands a deeper insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Measure to Achieve Media Goals

Analyzing what digital marketing tactics are driving sales to Amazon is just the beginning of Amazon Attribution. The exclusive conversion metrics that the console provides includes Amazon detailed page views, add-to-cart purchases, and a comprehensive glimpse into how each marketing tactic contributes to shopping activity.

Optimize with On-Demand Reporting

With continual access to conversion metrics, brands can pull reports across digital media activations at any given time. The faster advertisers get their hands on data, the faster it will be to optimize advertising campaigns to drive a maximum return on investment. Through Amazon Attribution, businesses can unlock insights at each stage of the customer’s purchasing journey, and the console provides metrics that evaluate a brand’s reach and impact through clicks and a detailed look at all of the events that lead to sales.

Plan Successfully for the Future

Amazon Attribution makes it simple for brands to measure their sellers’ performance by providing a number of first-party purchase metrics. By understanding whether or not ads are driving consideration for products on the platform, Amazon Attribution reports on the individual customer’s decision-making journey. From transaction metrics such as number of purchases, to uncovering media’s impact at each stage, brands are able to determine what digital marketing tactics are successful, thereby promoting more efficient campaigns in the future.

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