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CES 2020 Public Relations

Industry: Technology
Timeline: CES 2020

Throughout lotus823 and Watergen’s partnership, lotus823 was able to significantly increase awareness for the brand in the U.S. and internationally. lotus823’s outreach efforts resulted in coverage by a multitude of top-tier media, including: EngadgetYahoo FinanceLifewireIEEE Spectrum, and many more.

Overall earned media impressions from the partnership resulted in more than 905 million and counting. lotus823 also drafted and submitted an entry for Watergen to the CTA Mark of Excellence Awards, winning the company the CTA Mark of Excellence Award, Energy Efficiency Product of the Year. lotus823 additionally created and distributed a CES press release, which delivered an additional 79 million impressions and 158 syndications.

Total Media Impressions

The Challenge

In November 2019, Watergen began a partnership with lotus823, tasking the agency with managing the brand’s marketing activities related to public relations, CES 2020, and social media consultation to grow Watergen’s presence internationally.

To aid in meeting these goals, lotus823 developed a multi-pronged strategy to garner exposure leading up to and surrounding CES 2020.

The top objectives of the partnership included:

  • Secure placements and coverage for Watergen in a variety of editorial and award opportunities.
  • Drive traffic and secure media booth appointments at CES.
  • Increase awareness on social media regarding Watergen’s presence at CES.

The Strategy

To execute a successful CES 2020 strategy, lotus823 first conducted thorough research to identify which media events, awards, and editorial opportunities would best showcase Watergen’s products, GENNY and Solar GENNY.

From there, lotus823 created a 3-month strategy that would aid in garnering as much visibility as possible at the show.

Additionally, the team vetted the official CES 2020 pre-registered media list, focusing on international contacts who cover beats and industry news related to Watergen’s mission.


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