Amazon Marketing

Industry: Smart Home
Timeline: 7 months

In only seven months of managing Twinkly’s Amazon marketing efforts, lotus823 was able to achieve:

  • Over $170,000 in sales with 1,126 units sold
  • Maintained an average advertising ROI of 647.91%, with the highest ROI seen in December at 1,075%
  • Twinkly’s LED Strings and Wall were featured in the Amazon Best Deals program
  • Achieved an ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) at less than 13%


Advertising ROI

Units Sold

The Challenge

In May 2018, Twinkly began a partnership with lotus832, tasking the agency with managing all of their Amazon marketing efforts. The main goal of this partnership was to establish a brand presence and generate sales on Amazon ahead of the holiday season.

Twinkly Amazon

The Strategy

lotus823 developed a successful Amazon launch and consistent account optimization strategy. Keyword research, creation of product pages and descriptions, and applying for Amazon’s brand registry were among the first steps to this process.

After weeks of creating the account and preparing inventory internally, Twinkly’s LED Strings, Wall, and Curtain products launched on Amazon in August 2018. lotus823 also began an email workflow, designed to contact each customer upon purchase, delivery, and one week after delivery.

In September 2018, lotus823 launched Amazon advertising, creating Sponsored Posts for Twinkly’s LED Strings and Wall to increase brand visibility. At this time, all Twinkly products were entered into the Amazon review program to garner reviews, which in return would improve page health and build credibility among consumers.

lotus823 also applied for Amazon’s Best Deals program for Twinkly’s LED Strings and Wall. Twinkly Strings and Twinkly Wall were accepted into the program, increasing visibility on the 20% off deal for two weeks.


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