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Industry: Robotics
Timeline: 1 year

lotus823 secured media placements in top-tier media publications such as BuzzFeed, CNET, Martha Stewart Living, Men’s Health, PEOPLE, WIRECUTTER, and many others for a combined total reach of more than 6.7 Billion.

Partnering with a variety of lifestyle influencers enabled Roborock to reach a targeted audience of millions of consumers with an interest in home goods. lotus823 secured partnerships with top influencers such as Target Does It Again, Target Junkie, Whoa, wait. Walmart?, and more resulting in more than 3.4 million impressions.

Total Media Hits

Total Media Impressions

“Within 12 months of collaboration, the team’s media SOV has steadily increased and exceeded the monthly KPI’s. lotus823 consistently delivered on follow-ups and inquiries. The team is professional and hard-working.”

Dan Cham, Public Relations Manager

The Challenge

Roborock, a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of home cleaning smart appliances, creates truly useful and durable products that help people enjoy the convenience and ease of technology in life.

To support Roborock’s launch of its first cordless stick vacuum, the H6, and to continue momentum after launch, lotus823 executed a strategic PR and influencer marketing campaign that generated awareness through key editorial placements, and positioned Roborock as a desirable and trusted lifestyle brand that consumers could feel comfortable investing in.

lotus823 additionally managed the brand’s public relations activities surrounding the launch of its S4 Max robot vacuum.

Roborock Case Study

The Strategy

Roborock H6

To assist Roborock in reaching its goals, lotus823 recommended implementing a targeted public relations and influencer marketing outreach strategy across vast audiences such as lifestyle, family, general tech, and more. Activities included tailored media list curation, pitch/messaging development, award opportunity submission, and extensive media outreach.

The top objectives of the partnership included:

  • Generate awareness about the new H6 and S4 Max vacuums through key editorial and influencer placements.
  • Position Roborock as a desirable and trusted lifestyle brand that stays true to their vision.

lotus823 targeted top-tier publications and key people of influence as part of the comprehensive integrated marketing campaign. Roborock’s H6 and S4 Max vacuums were included in traditional product reviews, roundup articles, and featured gift guides.

Aside from posts promoting Roborock’s vacuums through product-trade out opportunities, chosen influencers also hosted giveaways featuring the products. To further leverage their strong audiences, each giveaway included a requirement of following Roborock’s identified social channel, allowing the brand to gain new audiences for future promotions.

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