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Industry: B2B – Audio & Video
Timeline: 2022

lotus823’s efforts in 2022 resulted in more than 511 million impressions and 200+ stories. Through lotus823’s efforts, Peerless-AV was included in numerous top-tier outlets including Popular Mechanics, Sixteen Nine, Yahoo! Life, Commercial Integrator and more. In addition, the agency assisted with the launch of three new products, drafted and finalized three case studies, and secured multiple thought leadership placements in QSR Magazine, AV Technology, and more.

Total Media Hits

Total Media Impressions

The Challenge

Peerless-AV, a well-known name in the A/V space, has been working with lotus823 on its brand awareness in the hospitality, education, entertainment and healthcare sectors since 2013. 

In 2022, the lotus823 team developed a refreshed strategy to exceed the brand’s media footprint from the previous year and further expand its awareness across new audiences. In 2020, the brand expanded its product line up into the consumer world with its Neptune Shade Series, a line of outdoor TV designed for everyday consumers. In order to meet the shift in product creation, the team focused on gaining more coverage in new verticals through the use of media outreach, press releases, case studies, thought leadership opportunities, content marketing, and award opportunities.

Peerless CS

The Strategy

In 2022, lotus823 was successful in increasing Peerless-AV’s brand awareness in these new verticals. For example, in the hospitality and technology-focused verticals, Peerless-AV and lotus823 created case studies focused on the brand’s work with hospitality spaces such as museums, hotels, theaters, and more. The lotus823 team conducted media outreach surrounding the case studies, which secured coverage in outlets such as SCN and AV Network.

lotus823’s media outreach efforts for the brand’s outdoor TV series resulted in placements in Popular Mechanics, where the brand’s Neptune Outdoor TV was named the Best Outdoor TV for Your Backyard or Patio. This news was also covered in top-tier outlets such as SPY, and Yahoo! Life.

lotus823 also submitted to numerous thought leadership opportunities and bylines on behalf of the brand including, Airport Business Magazine, Residential Systems Magazine.

“Selecting lotus823 as Peerless-AV’s PR and digital marketing agency was one of the best decisions our company has ever made. From the get-go, we saw an immediate and drastic improvement in PR and media coverage.”

John Potts, President, Peerless

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