Audio-Technica Strategy

To amplify the legacy of Audio-Technica’s digital presence, lotus823 developed a targeted, integrated marketing strategy focusing on the online communication of its current audience and their perception of the brand. Goals centered around  growing the brand’s social following, increasing brand awareness and website traffic, as well as creating an online climate that encouraged engagement. To maintain the success, we implemented strategic management of social platforms and blog channels, managed influencer marketing initiatives to cultivate and grow existing partnerships, and provided integrated digital strategies for on-site events.

We came to lotus823 thinking we just needed some social media help, but what we got was a strategic partner that catapulted our social efforts and launched our content marketing strategy. The team has worked tirelessly in the creation and execution of successful and targeted campaigns online and even on-site at our many trade shows and events. In a nutshell, the team has surpassed any of our expectations on what a digital agency is capable of doing for us.”

– Jeff Simcox
Executive Director of Marketing, Audio-Technica


As a result of these efforts, lotus823 met the following goals and objectives:

1. Increased brand visibility and built brand awareness.

2. Created an impactful and engaged community across all social media platforms, leveraging existing customers and networks while expanding to new audiences.

3. Increased the engagement level of Audio-Technica’s online social community, boosting the likelihood of developing brand ambassadors and purchasers among the audience.

The Numbers

With the help of lotus823, Audio-Technica saw more than a 537.5% growth in its social community since 2013. For example, Twitter reached more than 45,000 followers, Facebook grew to more than 127,000 likes, and Instagram reached more than 58,000 followers.

In addition to the significant growth across all social media channels, Audio-Technica also saw increased numbers of website and blog traffic. Since 2014, website traffic has increased over 69% and blog sessions surpassed a growth of 1,400%. lotus823 has aided Audio-Technica in maintaining a consistent brand image on the web and has increased the likelihood of social media community members remaining loyal to the brand.

Additional Total Website Visits


Organic Search Traffic Increase

[Data measured from January 2014 to January 2018]

Create your integrated marketing strategy!

Create your integrated marketing strategy!

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