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Industry: Housewares
Timeline: 2 years

Since partnering with lotus823, Maverick has seen a notable increase in overall brand awareness. In the digital arena, Facebook followers increased 1,835 to 30,228 and website visits had a baseline of 46 sessions and has grown to 8,563/month. These increases can be attributed to the change in consumer-friendly social content as well as boosted posts directing users to the Maverick webpage.

As a result of public relations efforts, Maverick has seen extensive coverage of a wide range of its products in publications like HFNMen’s Fitnessthe WayFair blogThe Gadgeteer, and Huffington Post, among others. Maverick has also been included in various gift guides and product reviews from influencers like Barbecue Bros, Man Meat BBQ, and That Chic Mom.


Increase in Website Visits


Increase in Facebook Likes

Maverick Industries Strategy

When Maverick Industries expanded its product line to become one of the largest producers of digital thermometers in the United States, introducing WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled BBQ and roasting thermometers, the company knew it needed a partner who could help build brand awareness for its large product assortment and various marketing points.

Turning to lotus823, the team began developing an integrated digital and public relations strategy to deliver brand awareness and differentiate Maverick Industries as an innovator in the cooking appliances space. While retailers were already familiar with the Maverick brand, customer awareness was lacking. lotus823 developed an integrated marketing strategy, creating a comprehensive blend of public relations, social media content, and digital advertising to get Maverick the attention it needed, both online and offline.

For digital assets, lotus823 established a bi-weekly content calendar for social platforms and crafted engaging content that was more consumer-friendly vs. trade focused, implemented real time community management, which was important in developing Maverick’s reputation as a trusted source in the industry, and introduced targeted boosted posts to further reach and drive traffic.

The public relations piece consisted of reaching out to relevant media and influencers that legitimized the brand outside of its existing retailers. Samples were sent out to bloggers with a consistent following for reviews, opening Maverick up to its target audience.

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