The Fulham Group Strategy

In 2018, The Fulham Group began a partnership with lotus823, tasking the agency with managing the brand’s marketing activities, including social media, public relations, and influencer activities, to optimize performance of content and engage key grilling fan audiences.

To aid in meeting these goals, lotus823 developed a multi-pronged strategy leveraging niche influencer opportunities across social media outlets. In creating relationships with highly targeted influencers, The Fulham Group’s products would gain increased visibility and recognition in front of key audiences and garner instant credibility from influencer validation.

To execute a successful influencer marketing strategy, lotus823 first conducted thorough research to identify niche influencers who would increase brand awareness for top outdoor grilling products. Through its research, lotus823 secured and developed a brand ambassadorship with Instagram influencer, Grill Hunters.

Grill Hunters’ owner Max is an Instagram influencer who is self-proclaimed to, “specialize in all things barbeque!” His social media feed focuses on outdoor grilling products, recipes, and tips informing his audience of the latest barbeque trends.

This partnership provided a strategic means to create quick and credible awareness surrounding Cuisinart’s 3-in-1 5 Burner Gas Grill, reaching a very specific demographic of outdoor grilling enthusiasts.  

The top objectives of the initial collaboration included:

  • Drive awareness about the 3-in-1 5 Burner Gas Grill’s features and functionality
  • Educate grilling enthusiasts that the 3-in-1 5 Burner Gas Grill is able to prepare more than just traditional barbeque dishes, making it an excellent choice for preparing meals on an everyday basis

Expanded target audience reach: Partnering with Grill Hunters enabled The Fulham Group to reach a very specific audience of nearly 620,000 grilling enthusiasts. This was a key benefit for raising awareness about both the brand and the 3-in-1 5 Burner Gas Grill in front of target audiences.

Enhance engagement with new audiences: The initial collaboration with Grill Hunters reached 620,000 users and generated more than 6,670 engagements.

In order to continue The Fulham Group’s brand awareness and affinity in front of Grill Hunter’s audience, lotus823 partnered with the Instagram page for a second ambassadorship into the following quarter.

As a result of the impact of this collaboration, lotus823 has formed an ongoing partnership with Grill Hunters. Further, this strategic collaboration has ensured that The Fulham Group is continuing to grow awareness of and instill trust in the brand in front of its niche target market. 

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