The Challenge

lotus823 was tasked with supporting ECOVACS’ key retail partnerships with brands such as Target. At this time, ECOVACS was slated to launch its DEEBOT N79W in-store at Target and was seeking high visibility around the promotion as well.

To aid in meeting these goals, lotus823 developed a multi-pronged strategy leveraging niche influencer opportunities across social media outlets. In creating relationships with highly targeted influencers, ECOVACS’ products would gain increased visibility and recognition in front of key audiences and garner instant credibility from influencer validation, while supporting retail sales goals.

The Strategy

To execute a successful influencer marketing strategy, lotus823 first conducted thorough research to identify niche influencers who would increase brand awareness surrounding ECOVACS’ product presence, specifically in Target retailers nationwide. Through its research, lotus823 secured and developed a partnership with Instagram influencer, Target Does It Again.

Target Does It Again is an Instagram influencer who is self-proclaimed to be, “The ORIGINAL source for all things cool found at Target!” Its social media feed focuses on products that can be found in Target stores, informing its audience of the best finds, deals, and more.

This partnership provided a strategic means to create quick and credible awareness surrounding the DEEBOT N79W in-store launch and availability at Target stores nationwide, reaching a very specific demographic of consumers who were following the Target Does It Again account to learn about products and deals in Target stores.

Ecovacs Influencer Case Study

The top objectives of the initial collaboration included:

  • Drive awareness about the DEEBOT N79W in-store availability at Target.
  • Increase ECOVACS’ social media following, engaging the brand with people who are Target shoppers in order to reach that audience one-on-one for future promotions.

Upon going live, Target Does It Again promoted the DEEBOT N79W’s availability in Target, through both traditional Instagram posts and Instagram stories. Aside from informational posts promoting the availability of the DEEBOT N79W at Target, Target Does It Again also hosted a giveaway featuring the product. To further leverage Target Does It Again’s strong audience, the giveaway included a requirement of engaging with ECOVACS’ Instagram page, allowing the brand to gain new audiences for future promotions.

lotus823 coordinated the go-live date to occur during a key sales period for both Target and ECOVACS: Q4.


Expanded target audience reach: Partnering with Target Does It Again enabled ECOVACS to reach a very specific audience of nearly 900,000 consumers who are affiliated with shopping at Target stores. This was a key benefit for both raising awareness about the brand in front of target audiences, and in supporting the manufacturer’s preferred retailers.

Enhance engagement with new audiences: The initial collaboration with Target Does It Again featured a giveaway of the DEEBOT N79W, which had a reach of 882,000 and generated more than 27,000 engagements.

Increase in social following: Within the 5-day period surrounding the contest, ECOVACS’ Instagram following grew by 910%.

In order to continue ECOVACS’ brand awareness and affinity in front of Target Does It Again’s audience, lotus823 partnered with the Instagram page a second time during the following quarter. This partnership gained the ECOVACS Instagram account even more followers from its core consumer audience, growing the account’s following by 53%. What’s more, Target Does It Again’s post featuring the DEEBOT N79W in Target stores further engaged the influencer’s audience, garnering more than 9,100 likes and 8,200 comments.

As a result of the impact of this partnership, lotus823 has formed an ongoing collaboration with Target Does It Again as a brand ambassador. Further, this strategic collaboration has ensured that ECOVACS is continuing to grow awareness of and instill trust in the brand, as well as support Target and ECOVACS’ joint sales goals.



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