CES 2020 Public Relations

Industry: Housewares
Timeline: CES 2020

lotus823’s outreach efforts resulted in coverage by a multitude of top media, including: CNETMSNHouse BeautifulQuartz, and many more.

Overall organic media impressions from the partnership resulted in upward of 800 million and counting. lotus823 additionally created and distributed a CES press release, which delivered an additional 51 million impressions and 139 syndications.

Total Media Impressions

The Challenge

In December 2019, DUX began a partnership with lotus823, tasking the agency with helping to launch a new product, The DUX Element, to a completely new target market for the brand during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The specific goals for this campaign included:

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility by securing top-tier media placements for DUX and its new product launch.
  • Expand the brand’s target audience, creating new reach through placements in general consumer, lifestyle, and tech media outlets.

The Strategy

To aid in meeting these goals, lotus823 developed a strategic public relations campaign plan to garner media interest and generate excitement around the brand and The DUX Element.

In preparation for CES, lotus823 crafted an official press release and media kit with messaging that would resonate with the brand’s updated target audience, highlighting The DUX Element’s inherent luxury and comfort as well as the bed’s new smart home features and more attainable price point/retail availability. The team used strategically crafted messaging to submit DUX to editorial opportunities and in its media outreach campaign aimed at securing booth appointments with press contacts and media coverage for the brand’s showcase in Las Vegas.

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