CES 2022 Public Relations

Industry: Housewares
Timeline: CES 2022

Coverage was obtained by lotus823 in multiple top-tier publications, including The New York Post, USA Today, CBS Morning, TechCrunch, CNET, Techlicious, Reviewed.com, FOX Las Vegas, and more. With 57 total pieces of coverage, Daan Technologies acquired more than 540 million media impressions as a result of CES 2022.

In addition, Daan Technologies also was the recipient of Reviewed’s CES 2022 Editor’s Award and TWICE’s Picks 2022 Award.

Total Media Hits

Total Media Impressions

The Challenge

In December 2021, Daan Technologies, an innovative brand in the home appliance space and creator of Bob the Mini Dishwasher, partnered with lotus823 ahead of CES 2022 to help manage the brand’s media presence at CES.

The Strategy

​To achieve brand awareness ahead of the biggest consumer technology trade show, lotus823 developed a comprehensive Public Relations strategy to help Daan Technologies stand out at CES 2022, as well as kickstart the launch of their business in the United States.

The strategy consisted of message development, targeted media outreach and appointment coordination to ensure maximum online exposure, booth attendance, broadcast opportunities, and more for the brand. In addition, lotus823 submitted Daan Technologies and Bob the Mini Dishwasher for multiple award opportunities.

In just a few short weeks, lotus823 secured multiple editorial placements and award recognitions for Bob the Mini Dishwasher across digital and broadcast media, as well as secured booth appointments on behalf of the brand, where media experienced Bob first-hand.

“Our CES campaign was a great success, we were featured on Techcrunch, USA Today, Foxnews, among other.

Based on this success, we decided to continue working with them to carry our crowdfunding campaign and introduce our product to the US.”

Damian Py, CEO, Daan Technologies

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