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Industry: Electronics
Timeline: 3 months

The Neptune Partial Sun Series saw a total of 64,845,916 earned media impressions across 15 published articles. The team saw three features in Popular Mechanics within the same month of the launch, officially introducing Peerless-AV and the Neptune Partial Sun Series into the lifestyle market. 

The Neptune Partial Sun Series won awards from top publications including a win for Best Outdoor TV in the 2022 Popular Mechanics Yard & Garden Awards, and a TWICE VIP award in the Outdoor Tech & Appliances: Outdoor Television & Video category.

Total Media Hits

Total Media Impressions

The Challenge

Peerless-AV is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation of audio-visual solutions, including a wide array of digital displays and mounts. In 2022, lotus823 assisted with the planning and execution of launching a new product, the Neptune Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TV. 

With goals of gaining media coverage and positioning the product as a must-have for outdoor entertainment, lotus823 conducted outreach, crafted a press release and other copy highlighting the new product, and submitted the product for numerous media awards.

The Strategy

In Q1 of 2022, lotus823 created a comprehensive 3-month strategy to prepare for the product launch in May. The strategy detailed media outreach themes, media audits, competitor comparisons, award submissions, blogs highlighting the product, and press release creation and distribution. The team focused on tech and general lifestyle audiences, with the goals of introducing the brand into the consumer publication space and establishing the Peerless-AV Neptune Partial Sun Series as an essential outdoor TV solution.

Throughout Q2 of 2022, lotus823 researched and identified relevant media contacts to cover the new product, drafted copy material such as the launch release and blogs, and performed a media audit. The team conducted media outreach and immediately saw coverage ahead of the launch in publications such as CE Pro, rAVe [PUBS], and more. Upon the launch in May of 2022, the team distributed the press release and conducted additional launch and competitor comparison outreach, notifying the media of the Neptune Partial Sun Series as the newest outdoor TV solution. 

Following the launch date, lotus823 crafted blogs, thought leadership pieces, and product features, highlighting the Neptune Partial Sun Series and all of its capabilities to extend the coverage if the product well beyond its launch period. The lotus823 team additionally curated opportunities for awards, assisting the Peerless-AV team with submissions. 

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