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Industry: Music & Audio
Timeline: 6 months

Upon going live, 49 identified influencers promoted the new gaming headsets, through both traditional product reviews and live streaming reviews. Tech audiences were able to watch full length product reviews while streamers wore the headsets while streaming live, providing feedback and reviews in real time to their audiences. Aside from posts promoting gaming headsets, the influencers also hosted giveaways featuring the products.

To further leverage each of their strong audiences, the giveaway included a requirement of following Audio-Technica’s identified social channel (varied per each partnership), allowing the brand to gain new audiences for future promotions. Partnering with a variety of gaming and tech influencers enabled A-T to reach a very specific audience of millions of consumers with an interest in tech. From secured coverage, we have secured total potential media impressions of more than 7.2 million across a variety of platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Influencer Partnerships

Total Influencer Impressions

The Challenge

Audio-Technica, a globally recognized leader in the audio gear space with more than 55 years of design and industry-leading experience, creates problem-solving audio equipment covering a considerable range of applications. In 2019, A-T approached lotus823 to assist in building awareness for the brand’s two new gaming headsets – the ATH-G1 and ATH-G1WL – among key influencers.​

The Strategy

To assist A-T in reaching their goals, lotus823 recommended implementing a targeted influencer marketing outreach strategy within both video game and general tech audiences.

To execute a successful influencer marketing strategy, lotus823 first conducted thorough research to identify niche influencers who would increase brand awareness surrounding A-T’s product launch. Through its research, lotus823 secured and developed partnerships with 49 influencers on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. 

lotus823 crafted pitches designed to get A-T’s two new gaming headsets into the hands of important influencers with the goal of generating product reviews and social mentions, as well as identifying gaming ambassadors for the company. Additionally, lotus823 gave influencers the opportunity to host a product giveaway to further amplify their promotions and grow A-T’s social media followings. Through these activations, lotus823 also assisted in generating brand awareness and recognition for Audio-Technica surrounding two of the largest gaming conferences in the US: PAX West and TwitchCon 2019.


These partnerships provided a strategic means to create quick and credible awareness surrounding the ATH-G1 and ATH-G1WL launches, reaching a very specific demographic of consumers who were following streamers and tech outlets, and who would be interested in learning about the latest products from the global brand.

The top objectives of the initial collaborations included:

  • Drive awareness about the new gaming headsets.
  • Garner social media features and reviews for Audio-Technica and its gaming gear through selective influencer collaborations and reviews.
  • Build credibility by establishing brand ambassadors for Audio-Technica in the gaming and streaming space.

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