Now that the new year is upon us, we must review the top tech consumer trends of 2011:

Here are the top trends of 2011:

  1. Group buying (groupons)
  2. Geolocation Apps (i.e. Foursquare)
  3. Tablets (iPads, Kindles, etc.)
  4. Cloud-Based Productivity Apps (i.e. Google Docs)
  5. Online Video in Enterprise (i.e. YouTube)
  6. Online Q&A
  7. Crowdfunding
  8. Mobile Photo Sharing Apps (i.e. Instagram)

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Interesting Facts about these Top Tech Trends:

  • 47% of online consumers redeem online coupons in store or directly through a website in 2011
  • Total amount of tablets shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2011: 18.7 million.
  • By 2013, more than 25 percent of content consumed by workers will be dominated by videos and audio.
  • The number of Crowdfunding sites around the world rose by 68 percent from 2010 to 2011.
  • After 13 months from its launch, Instagram picked up more than 13 million users.

Anticipated Tech Trends for 2012

Not only will all of these trends continue to expand throughout 2012, there are three other areas of technology that are expected to become more popular.

  1. Data Boom: IBM reported that 90% of data in the world today was created two years ago. Digital information is doubling every two years. Using this volume of data could make this a $300 billion industry.
  2. Internet TV: A new U.S. broadband policy objective calls for about 100 million homes to have access to download speeds of at least 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 50 Mbps. This will help develop the online TV experience.
  3. Mobile Commerce: It is expected that mobile commerce will become a $31 billion industry by 2016, which will be composed of nearly 10% of all e-commerce.

View the full article and other facts here! What are your predictions for the Top Tech Trends of 2012? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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