Most kids want to be something like a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher when they grow up. I used to dream of becoming a trapeze artist and joining the circus.

I don’t spend my days flying high under the big top; however, I like to think I came pretty close with my career in integrated marketing.

3 Ways a Career in Integrated Marketing is Like Joining the Circus 


As an integrated marketer, ensuring all things are running smoothly is key. On the daily, my team and I develop integrated marketing strategies, PR campaigns and social media initiatives that need to accomplish client goals, stay within budgets and complement brand messaging.

Sometimes making these things jive is challenging but when you get it right, the spotlight of success shines brightly on both you and the client.

Willingness to jump into the unknown

Jumping in and learning new things is a vital skill in integrated marketing. While many agencies specialize in a certain industry, not all the folks that work on accounts have a lengthy background in that space.

For instance, over the course of my career, I’ve worked with brands like General Mills, Hershey’s, DUXIANA, RCA, Humana Inc. and Siemens Medical Solutions and a K-12 school district… it’s safe to say I didn’t know all of them as well as the back of my hand at first. Continually acquiring knowledge in a variety of different spaces gives me a creative advantage and keeps me passionate.

Engaging the audience

This ladies and gentlemen, is PR and Marketing 101. Whether it’s communicating with clients, working with internal teams and vendors or chatting it up with media – making sure the right message and information gets communicated is key. After all… isn’t that the point of integrated marketing?

Hope y’all enjoyed the show. Now, tell me, what was your childhood career goal?

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