It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Q4 is just weeks away, meaning the holiday season is right around the corner. While some consumers may not have quite finalized their wish lists, it is never too early to begin strategizing for the busiest shopping season. To help your brand make an impression on consumers and media this year, we’ve outlined our best tips to ensure your products are front and center on wish lists, holiday gift guides, and more.


Holiday PR Campaigns

It is Never Too Early to Start Planning

The holidays may be the last thing you are thinking of during the summer months and early fall, but this is the ideal time to start planning your brand’s PR campaign. An effective PR strategy is engaging, well-thought-out, and timed perfectly. First, start by building out thorough media contact lists with relevant writers, editors, and influencers. These contacts are the perfect advocates for your brand because they have built trusted relationships with their audience that will help build your band’s credibility.

Once your brand has solidified its holiday media lists, it is time to finalize any relevant press materials, like product descriptions and imagery. As interest starts to roll in, it is essential to have these brand assets on hand and ready to go for your contacts.


Have Fun with Your Pitches

Catching the attention of editors is no easy task, especially during these busy months. Editors receive an overwhelming amount of product pitches throughout the holiday season so it is essential to write a pitch that will spark their interest. What value does your product bring to consumers? Why is your product the perfect holiday gift and better than the competition? Highlight the benefits of your product in a fun, engaging way to make editors remember your product. Thankfully, there are many holiday themes to build from, like stocking stuffers, secret Santa must-haves, and more. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to ensure your product shines in the crowd of competition.


Follow Up and Follow Through

After completing your initial round of outreach, be sure to follow up on your pitches. Ask your contacts if they have any questions or are interested in product samples and do so in a timely manner. During the holidays, time is of the essence, so it is important to stay on top of any requests to keep editors and writers on schedule. Lastly, take the time to thank your contacts for their consideration and continue to nurture that relationship you have built. 

By taking the time to plan out your PR holiday campaign in advance, you will be more than prepared for leveraging all relevant media opportunities. Does your brand need guidance through the competitive landscape? Our team of PR pros are here to help improve your holiday results. Contact us today!


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