An all-encompassing marketing strategy can help your brand make the largest impact when launching in a new country. lotus823 partnered with Galanz to build awareness for the brand’s launch in the US, grow the brand’s social media community, and establish trust with consumers through influencer marketing initiatives. Continue reading to learn more about how our multi-faceted strategy allowed the brand to grow at exponential rates.

Case Study Spotlight: Galanz


Galanz is a leading global home appliances manufacturer of a wide range of products including microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry, air conditioners, toaster ovens, and more. For decades, Galanz has been at the forefront of appliance invention, with more than 1,600 patents and product partnerships with some of the US’ most recognized and trusted brands. lotus823 and Galanz partnered together to generate excitement around the brand’s launch in the United States. Top objectives for this partnership included increasing brand awareness in the US by securing top-tier media placements, creating daily creative content for Galanz’s social channels, and securing prominent lifestyle influencers to promote its latest products. Another major focus of the partnership was to ensure Galanz’s first time exhibiting at The Inspired Home Show was successful.

Case Study Spotlight: Galanz


To meet the brand’s goals, lotus823 created an all-encompassing marketing strategy including three key services: Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Social Media Management.

The public relations strategy was designed to build awareness and enhance the brand reputation with top-tier media outlets, focusing on consumer outlets as well as trade publications. The team created various pitch angles surrounding baking, cooking, interior design, appliance innovation, and more to capture the interest of editors from publications such as Good Housekeeping, Food Network, HFN, and more! Additionally, the team curated and pitched various editorial opportunities for product launches on an ongoing basis.

Case Study Spotlight: Galanz Case Study Spotlight: Galanz

In Spring 2019, the team provided on-site support at the brand’s first Inspired Home Show in Chicago. Prior to the show, lotus823 drafted an official press release and created a schedule for all media appointments garnered through aggressive media outreach. At the show, the team was onsite at the booth to speak with press about the brand’s latest innovations.

lotus823 was also tasked with managing Galanz’s presence on all social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The team created unique, organic daily content to resonate with both new and existing target audiences. lotus823 created original graphics to blend product and lifestyle concepts. The team also provided community management to assist consumers with any questions or concerns they shared via social.

To expand the brand’s reach even further and aid in sales for retailers, lotus823 launched, managed, and monitored monthly Likes and Traffic ad campaigns on Facebook. The team regularly monitored the ad performance to ensure the cost per click remained low while achieving optimal results. The results increased the following on Galanz’s Facebook and Instagram exponentially and drove consumers to their retailers to increase sales.

Along with public relations and social media efforts, lotus823 was tasked with building meaningful relationships with prominent influencers in the lifestyle space. The team secured a variety of partnerships with highly engaged influencers who were willing to partner for product trade out only. These partnerships helped grow the brand’s following on social, provided user-generated content for the brand to repurpose, and established trust among consumers who are loyal followers of the influencers.

Case Study Spotlight: Galanz


Throughout the course of the entire partnership, lotus823 helped Galanz achieve optimal results, ultimately increasing brand awareness in the US. Galanz secured a total of 144 media placements, resulting in more than 5 billion impressions. All social channels saw an exponential increase, with the highest improvement seen on Facebook at an increase of 13,666%. Finally, through a variety of highly engaged influencer partnerships, Galanz received over 2 million influencer impressions.

To learn more about the multi-faceted strategy the delivered these incredible results, check out our full Galanz case study!

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