As one of the first forms of digital marketing, email marketing campaigns remain one of the most cost-effective tools a brand can utilize. With the number of global email users set to reach 4.48 billion in 2024, this confirms a developing trend for both businesses and consumers. Learn more about the different types of email campaigns, available platforms, and reasons to invest if you haven’t already below!

Email Marketing 101: What Your Brand Needs to Know

Marketing Emails You Should Be Sending

Depending on your brand’s specific goals, there are a variety of ways to remain in touch with both prospects and current clients. Whether you are new to email marketing or searching for unique ways to nurture leads and convert them into customers, check out these popular types of campaigns.

  • Welcome Emails: Start off on the right foot by making a memorable first impression. This is a great initial email a brand can send to a new customer or blog subscriber.
  • Email Newsletters: Stay at the top of your audience’s mind (and inbox) with recurring email newsletters. From company news to blog posts and special events, actively engage readers with newsletters.
  • Dedicated Emails: Promote a specific offer or hyper-focused call to action through dedicated emails. Also known as stand-alone emails, you can explicitly notify your target audience about a new product or service.
  • Transactional Emails: Send a thank you email, order confirmation, shipping details, and more following an action customers take on your website. These messages can be scheduled to automatically send to recipients.
  • Abandoned Cart Emails: When a customer adds items to their online cart and leaves the website before purchasing, these follow-up emails aim to lure consumers back to complete their purchase. Offering a small discount via this email is also a great way to push customers to convert.
  • Re-Engagement Emails: Improve your engagement rate with inactive subscribers by reaching out to those who may have taken a back seat to your latest emails. This type of campaign is beneficial for keeping mailing lists up to date in order to improve open and click-thru rates.
  • Milestone Emails: Who doesn’t love to be recognized on their birthday? Show appreciation for your customers by acknowledging their special day with an exclusive deal just for them!
  • Survey Emails: Hear your consumers’ needs straight from their mouths by asking for feedback directly from the source.

Email Marketing 101: What Your Brand Needs to Know Email Marketing 101: What Your Brand Needs to KnowEmail Marketing 101: What Your Brand Needs to Know

Email Campaign Platforms

For small businesses and organizations looking to create professional emails, build customer relationships, and drive real results, it is important to understand the options you have when choosing an email marketing software. We highlighted a few of our favorite platforms below!

  • Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing services in the world. Their Email Plus accounts are equipped with powerful features like email automation, drip campaigns, and subject line A/B testing to maximize open rates.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a pro, Mailchimp‘s easy‑to‑use email builder has the tools you need to grow your business. Its free email marketing service plan makes it one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world.
  • If you run an online store/ecommerce website, Drip is the email marketing software for you. Once your ecommerce platform is plugged into Drip, start connecting even more marketing channels to gather data, create better customer experiences, and increase long-term loyalty.

Email Marketing 101: What Your Brand Needs to Know

Reasons to Start Investing Today

On average, email marketing sees a 4,400% return on investment (ROI) for businesses. Still not convinced? The benefits of email marketing go way beyond ROI – it’s an affordable tool, reaches a global audience, delivers targeted messages, and is proven to drive revenue.

Looking for a strategic partner to improve your brand’s success with email marketing? From building targeted email lists to crafting tailored content and engaging design, our team can help grow your brand’s success through all measurable email marketing metrics. Contact us today!

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