Building relationships with top-tier consumers and trade editors allows your brand to make an organic, long-lasting impression. In fact, 92% of consumers trust earned media over promotional advertisements. This week, we provided insight on how an effective public relations strategy can establish your brand’s credibility, expand its reach, and more.


What is Public Relations?

According to the Public Relations Society of America, public relations is defined as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Public relations consists of building relationships with credible media sources in order to achieve a positive perception by consumers. This can include conducting outreach with well-established media outlets, journalists, influencers, and more in order to maximize your brand’s presence. 


Public relations is not limited to just media impressions. Attending trade shows, like the Consumer Electronics Show or The Inspired Home Show, gives attendees the opportunity to experience your brand and products first-hand, as well as put a face to your brand name. 


How Your Brand Can Benefit from a Public Relations Strategy 


Credibility and Recognition

When consumers look to purchase new products, they tend to turn to trusted and well-known sources. They turn to testimonials from not only other customers but media outlets and influencers. These reviews and testimonials only add to your brand’s credibility, which is not something your brand can achieve overnight. A well thought-out public relations strategy will consistently build your credibility with consumers, top-tier media outlets, and more over time. 


Award recognition is another great way to build your brand’s credibility. For example, if one of your products was recently recognized as a top product by an industry organization, you can incorporate this messaging into any outreach. Recognition from trusted award organizations, like the MarCom Awards or the Ragan Awards, will further establish brand recognition. Executive insights from business leaders are another great way to boost your brand image. 


Broaden Your Reach

Public relations exposes your brand to its intended target audience. A strong public relations strategy should include timely tailored pitches, press releases, interviews, and more that tell your brand’s story. By staying up to date with the latest trends and planning accordingly, you can keep your brand front and center and top of mind.  


Expand Using Social Media

More than 59% of consumers discover news through social media and rely on traditional media for more information. As an added bonus and additional effort to expand your brand’s reach, you can promote your earned media placements on social media platforms.


Social media is also a great tool for social listening, providing real-time feedback, reviews, and threats. Using social media, brands can not only promote positive feedback from users, media outlets, or influencers, but also to combat any negative press. 


Public relations that is strategic and well-executed can make a lasting impact on your brand. If your brand is looking to improve its public relations strategy, our team is here to help.

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