Though CES is still a few months away our team is busy with their final preparations. From award submissions to booking media events, there’s still a lot to be done before they head to Vegas in January!

Join us on the road to CES 2017 as we share the team’s insights and advice for those preparing to attend the world’s biggest consumer electronics show.

CES 2017: A First Timer’s Guide

As one of the world’s biggest tradeshows CES can be quite intimidating for first time attendees. Luckily we have some seasoned CES veterans on our team who were happy to share some tips they wish they knew before their first CES. With tips for every step of planning to what to expect on the show floor, this guide will be a valuable tool for CES newbies!

#TBT: lotus823 Executives’ CES Adventures

From wardrobe mishaps to celebrity encounters, our team has experienced a lot during their years of attending CES. Read on as they share their favorite CES memories and what it taught them.

6 Influencers to Look Out for at CES 2017

So you’ve made it to Vegas and have hit the CES floor…now what? It’s time to network, of course! The biggest names in the tech world are all around you at CES, it’s the perfect time to make some valuable connections. Caitlin Imbimbo shares her list of the top tech influencers you’ll want to keep an eye out for during the show.

Now onto September’s Biggest Story

Snapchat’s New Identity

In late September Snapchat dropped some big news, they were completely rebranding themselves as Snap Inc and introducing a game changing new product – Spectacles. These aren’t your ordinary sunglasses; Spectacles are integrated with a video camera allowing users to capture Snaps everywhere they go without pulling out their phone. Snapchat’s goal is to give users the ability to relive memories the exact way they first experienced them.


Those of us who haven’t forgotten Google Glass may be wondering if Spectacles will meet the same humiliating fate of Google’s venture in to the world of smart eyewear. At first glance Spectacles seem to be a similar concept reworked into something completely new. With a cost of $129, Spectacles seems downright affordable when compared to Google Glass’ hefty $1,500 price tag, opening up Spectacles to a much wider (and younger) audience.

Beyond price, aesthetics also set Spectacles apart from Google Glass. While Glass went for a more futuristic look, they were awkward and clunky making wearers stand out like a sore thumb. Spectacles on the other hand look like funky sunglasses and come in a variety of colors. Time will tell what kind of fate awaits Snapchat’s Spectacles, but we’re excited to see what this innovation means for the world of social media.

Do you think Spectacles will catch on or follow down the path of Google Glass? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @lotus823!

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