CES 2022: Trade Show Booth Preparation

Is your brand planning on exhibiting at CES 2022? Last year’s fully virtual event presented a unique challenge for brands who planned to exhibit at the show. Brands had to get creative with their exhibitions, like planning a live or pre-recorded demonstration showcasing their latest innovations. This year, the annual trade show is making its return to Las Vegas for both an in-person and virtual event, meaning brands need to start planning their exhibition strategy. From setting clear goals and objectives to being active on social media, we provided our best tips for trade show booth preparation.


Things to Plan Before the Show

With concern for health and safety for all attendees, the CTA recently announced protocols for CES 2022. As brands are beginning their operational planning, an extremely important protocol to note is that all on-site attendees must present proof of vaccination in order to attend the show. A few other precautions include increased width of aisles to help with social distancing, as well as improved outside air flow and ventilator systems. The show has already taken numerous steps to ensure the safety of all attendees, and will continue to monitor and provide updates as show day approaches.

Planning for your CES exhibition should start months in advance. Utilize previous exhibitions and do your research on other competitors in your industry to give you a better idea of how to present and position your brand’s products. Then, have regular meetings and planning sessions with your team to finalize the details of your exhibition. Keep your brand’s identity at the forefront of your design to ensure authenticity and identity. An important thing to consider in this stage is your goals for CES 2022. Be sure to set specific goals, like driving sales by a certain percentage, and share with your entire team to keep everyone focused and on track. During this time, your brand should practice its product demonstrations and work out any last-minute bumps to ensure you are more than prepared for show day.

Simultaneously, your brand should be planning its CES public relations strategy. This is inclusive of researching awards opportunities, connecting with media attendees, and more. Planning these activities will ensure a successful show day from start to finish.

Things to Prepare for Show Day

The time you dedicated to creating your booth and practicing your strategy will pay off on show day! Once you have successfully set up your booth and are ready for the activities of the day, it is time to share the day with your social media followers. Consider giving them a first-hand look at your booth or any fun activities you have planned for the day. Not only will your followers enjoy their virtual CES experience, but your social media presence will catch the attention of media attendees, attracting more people to your booth and brand.

Typically, brands give out gifts to booth attendees. Consider giving a gift that is practical and something people will actually use, reinforcing the practicality and legitimacy of your brand and its products. 

CES 2022 will be here before you know it! Our team is here to help your brand get the results it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our special pricing for this year’s consumer electronic event!

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