The race to CES 2022 is well underway! In less than two months, exhibitors, media, and industry professionals from across the world will be gathering in Las Vegas to debut the latest innovations in consumer technology. Before show day arrives, we shared some of the predicted trends and product debuts attendees can expect to see this year. 


Advancements in Space Technology

As space exploration continues to expand, more brands are creating products for this emerging technology sector. In response to this change in behavior, the Consumer Technology Association announced over the summer that it will introduce two new categories for the show, space tech and food tech. At CES 2022, attendees can expect to see the latest in space living and exploration. More specifically, Sierra Space, a subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation, will be debuting their latest advancement in space transportation, the Dream Chaser® spaceplane. 


Smart Home Innovations

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the home and housewares industry, as many homeowners have decided to upgrade their homes and specifically their home technology. At last year’s all-virtual show, there were countless innovations in disinfecting technology and touchless technology. With concerns for health and safety during the pandemic still at a high, we can expect to see more innovations in this category. In addition, the pandemic has spiked a demand in smart home technology. Attendees can expect to experience the latest in touchless technology, home security, and more. 


Wearable Technology 

In a world increasingly focused on wellbeing, wearable technology is always a popular category at CES. A few trends attendees can expect to see this year include advancements in fitness and heath tracking, work from home essentials, and hands-free technology. As more people are still choosing to do at-home workouts, we can expect to see technology that allows for fitness tracking, health insights, and more. In addition, we can expect to see products designed for working from home as most businesses are still offering a hybrid, if not fully remote business model. 


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