We are proud to share that our co-founder and managing partner David Hernandez has been selected as a TEDxAsburyPark speaker for this year’s topic about “Passion.” TEDxAburyPark will take place at Convention Hall on Saturday, May 19th. In his presentation, David will share the personal and professional drivers behind his passion to build a business as a first generation, Cuban-born immigrant. In honor of David’s story, we asked our team to share information about  the most passionate person they know.

Continue reading to see our feedback on the most passionate people in our lives, and don’t forget to visit www.TEDxAsburyPark.com to learn more about this great event; plus, save 15% on your tickets when you use promo code “SpeakerDavidH” at checkout.

TEDxAburyPark: David Hernandez

“My dad ​exudes a lifelong passion for family, integrity, and essentially, all things that point to being a truly good human being. His passion is a quiet, consistent conviction that is conveyed by his actions and the stories he tells. Whether he is sharing a story about his sisters and their selfless acts of love or a moment in history that changed lives, his passion for doing the right thing is rock solid and at the heart of what Paul Finkel is all about.
Rachel Litner
Chief Strategy Officer

“The most passionate person I know is definitely my husband (I know, insert gag reflex here). But seriously, whether it is work, family or a hobby, when he loves something he truly gives it his all – which is something I admire very much.”
Samantha Lins
Senior Account Manager

“The most passionate person I know is my best friend, Nick. Nick is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Information with a concentration in Informatics & Design, while working part time as a Genius at the Apple Store. He genuinely loves what he studies while simultaneously using it everyday in practice at work. His passion is obvious to anyone who he speaks to, and for that reason he was promoted to the highest level at the Apple Store in such a short time period. Additionally, he uses his spare time to create and manage his own website to not only practice coding and developing a website, but to focus on his other passion – cooking. Nick’s passion is refreshing and a true testament to the idea of surrounding yourself with dedicated individuals.”
Katie Crocilla
Account Coordinator

“My husband, David, is the most passionate person I know. Once he is inspired by something, his passion drives him full force. Throughout our 20 years of marriage, his unwavering mantra has been (and continues to be) that passion drives everything, and if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then make a change. He embodies that mantra in everything he does.”
Allison Hernandez
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“The most passionate person I know is a previous dance teacher I had growing up, Miss Leslie. Her passion for dance and for helping young dancers reach their full potential was impossible to ignore. My love and passion for dance grew immensely when I was under her supervision, and she was the only dance teacher in my whole life who made me feel confident in myself and my abilities. The year she was the director of our traveling competition team was the highlight of my dance career, as her passion motivated me to push myself and book extra private lessons with her to eventually earn the solo part in our company production piece, Mad Hatter. Not only did Miss Leslie’s passion motivate me to improve, but it instilled lessons in all her students that we carried with us throughout our dance careers, and our personal lives. She taught us to never make excuses, just to get better. She taught us to approach every challenge with enthusiasm and ambition, and soon it will be conquered. And she taught us that with a deep self-confidence, and a laser-focus on our goals, we can accomplish anything.”
Olivia Munafo
Assistant Account Executive

“The most passionate person I know is my yoga teacher! I’ve been practicing yoga for many years now and it’s not often that you meet someone who really lives the lifestyle, even outside the classroom. Every time I attend her class, I can feel that it’s more than just a job or hobby for her; her passion radiates while she teaches and it’s really a transformative experience.”
Melissa Hunt
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

“The most passionate person I know is my Aunt Lissa Kwalek. When she is interested in something you can tell just by listening to her speak about it. She takes time to really learn everything about her interests and is so informative; I learn so much just by casually talking with her over breakfast. She has so many passions, from beekeeping, nutrition, to gardening and even tea. Everytime you talk to her about any of these things she lights up and is a great resource of information. No matter what questions I have, she always has an educated answer.”
Samantha Barnwell
Assistant Account Executive

“My wife, best friend, and partner, Allison: Her understated but fiercely passionate approach to life, work, cooking, and love for her children, family, and friends is demonstrated daily; not just through her words but through her actions and thoughtfulness to all who are lucky enough to be part of her life.”
David Hernandez
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“The most passionate person I know is my brother Steven. A budding photographer, Steven has expressed interest in expanding his knowledge and experience of this skill. He studied business in college and held numerous business/finance positions, but he never seemed happy. Upon discovering an interest in photography, he did everything he could to follow that dream. He offered to take photos for important family events as well as professional activities, including headshots, artistic performances, and portfolio examples. He also took on any opportunities related to the field, including a position with a large well-known photography store, where he not only learned about the equipment, but got to participate in setting up for photoshoots. Soon, he was asked to photograph various up and coming rap musicians and take part in high-profile magazine shoots. He has amassed a large portfolio of his work and understands the process of a photo shoot and editing images.

While he is still working to get his foot in the door and make a career out of this, his interest has not wavered. He is constantly talking about the craft, collecting old cameras, and showing off his latest prints. This is something he takes pride in – and it has been wonderful to see him find a passion that brings him joy.”
Beth Gard
Senior Manager, Client Relations & Operations

“The most passionate person I know is one of my very best friends, Megan Morreale. She is one of my favorite people to talk to – about anything – because she speaks with knowledge and passion, which is a rare find. She is continuously working to improve her career and reach bigger and better goals. She inspires me daily.”
Amanda Erdmann
Digital Marketing & Operations Analyst

“I thought a lot about this and truly one of the most passionate people I know is David. It’s why he was selected to give the TEDx. He is passionate about everyone and everything in his life. He feels things very deeply, expresses himself, his dreams and desires with an intensity that exudes passion. He has always had a very special way of communicating, both verbally and nonverbally, that truly crystallizes how he feels about something or someone. When David is passionate about something, there isn’t much that will stand in his way of achieving his intended outcome.”
Nancy Kohlreiter
Chief Operating Officer

“The first boss I had in my career, Tria, is one of the most passionate people I know. From the first time I met Tria it was clear she approaches all aspects of life with passion, whether it relates to her career, her family, or her own personal hobbies and goals. I have always been inspired by Tria and still consider her to be a mentor. She displays true leadership and stands her ground when it matters the most, even when it appears as though her own bosses and organization may not support her ideas or goals. She recognizes needs and turns them into opportunities that not only propel her organization, but help customers and end-users. After long and often challenging days at her job, she goes home and cares for her young son and loving husband (and even two brand new puppies!). She never complains or seeks sympathy for the craziness that life throws at her, but turns them all into cherished moments. She lives life with true passion!”
Cait Coyle
Senior Account Manager

Do you know someone in your life who exudes passion? Share their story with us in the comments below! If you’re an NJ local, make sure you visit www.TEDxAsburyPark.com for more information on this year’s topic of “Passion,” and save 15% on your tickets when you use promo code “SpeakerDavidH” at checkout!

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