Hello and happy summer!

The pleasant weather isn’t the only thing we’ve been excited about. Here at lotus823 we’ve been collaborating through some hands-on team building, looking at how brands can turn a scandal into beneficial press, brilliant summer campaigns, and how some of our favorite local businesses are thriving through recognizable marketing campaigns. Of course we didn’t fail to mention how thrilled we are about our 2015 Pyramid Award and Honorable Mention!

So let’s get into June’s Digital Marketing Roundup – in case you’ve miss anything!

There is no “I” in team, and that stands true when speaking of our values here at lotus823. To spark creativity and encourage teamwork, our team focused in the core values of our company through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® with thrive.

Each individual got to express why they enjoyed being apart of the agency, what they felt their strengths were and (of course) their love for the stocked snack draws. Have a look at the outcome of lessons and ideas the lotus823 team accomplished during this team building activity.

Marketing teams and publicists always need to be prepared and have a strategy in place. You never know when a PR crisis could arise. During the recent FIFA scandal, multiple brands were put in the spotlight and received enormous amounts of negative publicity.

The PR teams behind brands like Bud Light, Coca Cola, and Visa decided to take this negative press and make the best of it. Check out how our intern, Connor Zazzo, examined FIFA sponsor’s reactions during the unsuspected scandal.

Summer doesn’t only bring sunshine and warm beach days; it also brings in a tidal wave of new ideas and unforgettable marketing campaigns. Our Assistant Account Executive, Caitlin Fischer, discusses some of our favorite summer marketing campaigns that we can’t get enough of!

While these big-name brands execute fantastic marketing campaigns, they don’t hold all of the secrets to success. Jersey Shore local businesses have been focusing on some key marketing strategies to amplify their brand – and they are good! These three small businesses are tapping into the hearts of locals and are finding it to be effective in gaining recognition far outside of their towns.

Cristina shares which businesses are hitting the nail on the head with their social media marketing techniques.

Just because the summer is here and we work close to the shore, doesn’t mean our motivation to succeed has decreased. The lotus823 team has made a promise to our clients to provide dedication through our marketing efforts – and it definitely reaps multiple benefits!

We were invited to attend The PRSA Pyramid Awards dinner to accept a Pyramid Award in the Media Relations category. Our team also earned an Honorable Mention in the Marketing Communications category. Be sure to take a look at some of the pictures from the ceremony. It was a wonderful evening!

Is there a topic we didn’t cover in June? Do you have any questions for us? Just reach out! Leave a comment below or tweet @lotus823 to connect with us.

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