Public relations agency lotus823 has been chosen by iWatchz for integrated PR and SEM services.

Premier PR and SEM Services to Begin

Nano Watch BandiWatchz selects lotus823 for integrated PR and SEM services. The public relations agency is set to launch a public relations and SEO strategy to familiarize the U.S. market with the iWatchz brand.

iWatchz creates stylish watch straps that pair with the unique iWatchz clip system. This ingenious combination allows any 6th-generation iPod nano® to easily transform into a fashionable iPod nano watch.

“The iWatchz collections are chic, affordable and designed with a clip system that provides a secure fit for a nano. Apple iPod nano users will love keeping track of time and playing their favorite tunes while wearing any of these sleek watch bands,” said Michelle Knox, CEO of public relations agency lotus823.


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