Businesses owners, Google asks that you wait until Google Plus business pages are officially launched later this year prior to making company pages, and please don’t create private Google Plus accounts for your brand. Nevertheless, there’s no time like the present to start to learn about Google+.

WHY? Well Then Why Social Media at All?

It’s been proven that Social Media is one of the best ways to get your message in front of, and to interact with members of your target audiences. Also, it gives you the ability to hear and see what other people are saying and writing about your brand. So far, to ensure a quality social media presence the most common sites to be on are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. And now, Google Plus, which is already on the rise, with an estimated 10 million users in its test stage!

Need More? Why Google Plus For Businesses?

Google recently published a screenshot of what your pages may look like, using Starbucks as an example, and they look pretty cool.

Google Plus Sample Business Page


Not only will they show your fans, but you can also showcase your employees. In addition, it’ll be possible to add more than one location for a business by incorporating Google Maps and Places, and you can use Google Offers to include specials for fans and customers. You’ll also have the ability to use Sparks (a place where users can easily find things they are interested in) as a tool to get out the most recent information about your brand. Ford Motor Company has had a chance to craft a Google Plus test page; you can check it out to see some of this great stuff in action.

Need More Business-Type Reasons To Use Google+?

  • +Research – Google Plus business pages integrate your Google Analytics and Google AdWords to assist in making research easier.
  • +Meetings/Communication – “Business Hangouts” are ideal for meetings, as they provide the ability to organize, record and archive phone, text and video conferences among as many as 10 people. Meeting invites can be sent out via Google Calendar, email or Google Chat, and attendees can make and share notes on a virtual “whiteboard”. All of these meeting features are really great to have as more and more employees work virtually.

So, with all of the specialized Google Plus tools for businesses to use and the fact that Social Media is key for a fully integrated and effective marketing plan, we say: “Go for it, sign up as soon as Google Plus business pages launch.”

Get Ready NOW for Google Plus

It’s true that not every new social media platform has held water in the past; however this one looks like it’s going to stay afloat. So stay tuned to claim your business and to be able to choose a great page name before they are all taken. In the meantime you can:

Google +1 Button


  • Add Google +1 social media buttons to your website on your homepage, key landing pages, key product pages and blog posts.
  • You should create a personal account on Google Plus to start getting used to the social network. Best to get the learning curve out of the way now, so you are prepared when Google Plus launches for businesses. Plus, it’ll give you a leg up on your competition, which may be waiting to dive into Google+ when business pages launch. Don’t wait!
    • You = A business owner, key executives and employees of a company, especially those involved in the marketing and customer support initiatives for the organization.
  • Put up a blog post about Google Plus to let your customers and clients know that you will be keeping tabs on the new social network and plan to implement new strategies to have a presence on Google+. In addition, invite customers/clients to use the new Google +1 buttons on your website to share content with their friends, to link up with your company’s key executives/employees, and ask that people search for you as soon as the news hits that Google Plus for businesses has launched.

Finally, the last reason why you want to take the time to get Google Plus for your business, in the words of so many of us here at lotus823 “I mean, come on, it’s Google!”

You can read more about Google+ here, and then let us know if you’re ready to dive in ASAP, or if you need to know more. Have a Google Plus oriented question or idea? Leave us a comment; let’s start a conversation about this!


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