Have you ever wondered why brands use New Year’s as a time to strongly market themselves or their products? It’s because there’s a huge window of opportunity to promote their brand as a means to start fresh.

After weeks of holiday stress, eating deliciously unhealthy foods and possibly traveling, consumers usually want to invest in themselves as a good way to start their new year. They want an outlet to regain structure in their life or to maybe start a new hobby that they’ve always wanted to try, but just haven’t had the time.

Working at a content marketing agency, I’ve learned to pick up on the tactics behind brands’ marketing campaigns. Did a celebrity donate money to a charity for the holidays? Is your local gym offering a lower New Year’s membership fee? Maybe your favorite brand is offering major discounts on all of its winter merchandise that didn’t sell.

Whatever the case may be, public relations professionals, as well as social media marketing specialists, understand that now is the time to recover from any holiday lag or keep up with booming success.

What better way to target individuals than by creating a “New Year, New You” campaign? The start to a new year can be a start to your new life, new hobby or whatever it may be that sparks your interest.

I’m going to share with you the many reasons consumers want to kick 2014 (or any new year, or new day) off to a perfect start and how public relations professionals see this as the perfect opportunity to promote their brand.

1. Get Into Shape.

Almost everyone that I know has at some point made it his or her New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get into shape before the warm weather rolls around. This creates the perfect opportunity for gyms, health food stores and other related businesses alike to market their brand and offer incentives to new members.

2. Get Organized.

Rearranging your house to how it was before the holiday décor clutter? Perfect opportunity for cleaning products, tools and home organization equipment to show you how their brand or products can change your life!

3. Save Money.

After spending all of that cash on gifts, desserts and travel to see your in-laws, don’t you want to get your finances back in order? Don’t you want to get the most money back on your taxes? Who better to help you with that than investment firms or companies such as Turbo Tax?

4. Find a New Hobby.

What’s that one thing you’ve wanted to try but just haven’t had the time? Learn to play an instrument? Travel to a new country? Photography? Now’s the perfect time to start over and figure out how to fit that into your new schedule for the year.

5. Spend More Time with Loved Ones.

Holidays are always a chance to remind us of how seldom we see family and friends. Maybe you may want to plan a vacation or a family reunion for the New Year. This is the perfect opportunity for traveling agencies, event venues and airlines to promote their business.

Can you identify why other brands would use New Year’s as the perfect marketing opportunity through content marketing? Share your thoughts with us!

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