Marketing Tips for the Best-Ever Black Friday

Now is the time to start prepping your holiday marketing campaigns! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday setting online shopping records last year – surging nearly 22% year-over-year, 2021 doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Looking to make the most out of your Black Friday marketing plan this year? To ensure your brand is prepared, we’ve shared our best tips to help generate sales, increase leads, and keep up with the demand this holiday season.

Black Friday 2021: Marketing Checklist

  • Consider a Multi-Faceted Approach: As there is an immense amount of competition on Black Friday, it is essential to have your brand stand out. Leading up to the annual shopping event, develop your brand’s cross-platform marketing campaign to reach your target consumers wherever they may be. From public relations efforts to influencer marketing, Google ads, and more, we recommend crafting engaging content that will drive consumers to your e-commerce sites. Now is a great time to define a budget and upgrade your digital presence, as this will help boost overall engagement and brand awareness on all fronts.
  • Offer Irresistible Deals: On Black Friday, consumers are expecting unmatched deals. Most businesses offer at least 20% off on Black Friday, so don’t shy away from bold deals that consumers can’t resist. Carefully select which products and sales your brand is going to promote, as well as prepare your inventory for the holiday surge.
  • Optimize Online Shopping Experience: Having a user-friendly website is an important part of your customer’s shopping journey, especially on Black Friday. A few elements your brand should nail down before the big day is loading times and mobile optimization to make shopping experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • Keep Customers Informed: If your brand has not already implemented an email marketing campaign, we recommend investing in one as soon as possible. Email marketing is a great way for your brand to directly communicate with its consumers and keep them updated with your newest products, sales, and more. In the few weeks prior to Black Friday, design and launch an email marketing campaign that gives your consumers an exclusive first look at your brand’s upcoming deals and promotions. Be sure to continue your outreach during the days prior to Black Friday so your sales remain top of mind.
  • Get Ready to Analyze Results: Reflecting on Black Friday campaign learnings can better improve your brand’s understanding on how to maximize for the next year. Measure media impressions, website clicks, and more by setting up reporting platforms such as Google Analytics.

The planning and execution of your Black Friday campaign is crucial to its success. Does your brand need help to stand out against the competition on the biggest shopping day of the year? Get in touch with our team!

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