As an integrated marketing agency it is our job to keep content new and interesting.  Sometimes connecting with your audience could be difficult considering the array of social media platforms available today (check out my last post on the many platforms to use for video marketing, the latest social media craze).

With the birth of royal baby, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, we can take away a few things to help build better integrated marketing strategies through Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge’s climb into a global phenomenon.

The powerhouse couple has integrated royal tradition along with modern marketing strategies such as social media into their personal brand messaging. It’s an integrated marketing strategy built for a Queen!

Keep it real

Though royalty is something that only a handful gets to experience, Prince William and Duchess Kate have made themselves as normal as possible.  Despite being in the public eye for quite some time, people are attracted to the fact they were a young couple, in love, who lived normal lives (well, kind of).  Prince William being present for the birth and driving him and his family home from the hospital? Every new parent felt they could relate to the new royal parents.

When it comes to your own integrated marketing strategy, let your audience know who you are.  Have personality and don’t hide behind an intimidating brand message.  Customers like to be in the know so let them know who you are, where you came from and where you plan to go. They want to do business with people, not a company.

Keep your audience engaged

Since they first hit the scene as a couple, Prince William and Duchess Kate had the world wanting to know what was next.  After the pregnancy was announced everyone wanted to know what the sex of the baby would be.  Duchess Kate decided to keep it a secret, which stirred up even more excitement.   We even placed our own guesses it here at the office while Duchess Kate was in labor!  When it comes to integrated marketing, always have a strategic plan that’s going to keep your audience wanting to know more.

Be Where Your Audience Is

When the Duchess gave birth to the new royal baby boy, the news was announced via Twitter.  The official home of the Prince and Duchess has broken so many traditional norms for the royal family by regularly posting on a Twitter account, including the birth announcement. After all, social media is where their audience is, so they catered to that by integrating modern communication alongside the traditional bulletin announcement posted outside the palace gates.

According to Mashable, “The initial Clarence House tweet was retweeted more than 9,000 times in the first 20 minutes.”  From a marketing point of view, going viral is always the end goal.  When your audience is awaiting a new product or event and the news is finally leaked it just takes one tweet, Facebook post, etc. to amplify the news further than you ever thought it could go!

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