Throughout March, we have seen brands and businesses adapt to recent coronavirus restrictions. With people using technology now more than ever, social media platforms launched creative new features to help people communicate and stay connected during these unprecedented times. Learn more about the latest updates in the industry below!

March Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

YouTube Rolling Out New Ads and Analytics Features

Along with giving creators access to more data, YouTube recently launched several new features including those that allow for more control over ads. YouTube is piloting a new program that lets creators choose the ads that appear on their videos by letting them sell ad space directly to brands they regularly work with. The platform also rolled out Bell Notification Analytics, where creators can see how many subscribers received a notification, clicked on the bell, and the number of video views received via bell notifications.

Instagram Launches New Co-Watching Feature

Instagram’s new ‘Co-Watching’ feature is helping users connect amid COVID-19 lockdowns. It aims to help users maintain relationships via video chat, with the option of also scrolling through your Instagram feed while remaining connected via video link. As explained by Instagram, this is just one way they are supporting communication during social distancing.

Google Podcasts Rolls Out New Design

Google will be stepping its podcasting game up by reportedly rolling out a more advanced design to Android users and launching the app on iOS for the first time. Among the numerous features added to Google Podcasts, the automatic download of new episodes of shows when they’re released and support for notifications for new episode availability will be released.

Facebook’s Desktop Redesign Becomes More Widely Available

Those who prefer to view Facebook from their computers can now enjoy the platform’s revamped variation of its desktop site. The brand-new desktop format provides users with quicker accessibility to some significant Facebook attributes and also utilizes a cleaner, easier layout. The most significant change in the desktop’s design is the new “Groups” tab located on the redesigned menu bar. Clicking on the tab will bring you to a personalized feed of updates from groups where you are a member, while also suggesting groups for you to join based on your interests.

LinkedIn Launches ‘Conversation Ads’

To help people engage their prospects in more personalized ways, LinkedIn has introduced a new messaging ad format called Conversation Ads. This tool features a “choose your own path” experience that lets advertisers create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized calls-to-action, like product education, webinar sign-ups, and eBook downloads. As a result, brands are able to take advantage of turning their LinkedIn conversations into conversions.

Pinterest Shares Tips on How to Communicate During a Crisis

Pinterest is one of many social media platforms that is trying to guide brands through the coronavirus crisis. Pinterest shared a guide for the best ways for brands to communicate via its platform during the pandemic. The recommendations for brands focus on how to appropriately connect with audiences while maintaining integrity and consciousness.

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