Coronavirus Pandemic: How Brands are Responding and Giving Back

As the world continues to grapple with the new reality of social distancing and staying home, we have seen extraordinary efforts to help the government, healthcare workers, and the community find solutions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Brands and companies of all sizes are playing their part by giving back and helping in big ways. From various funding efforts to creating supplies for healthcare workers, companies have been taking action to help the people on the front lines fight this virus. We are highlighting some of our favorite brands, including a few partners of our own, who are stepping up and giving back!

Our Partners Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility


In an effort to inspire, educate, and unite the music community, our friends at Ausounds, who are committed to producing leading audio technology for music creators, are hosting five weeks of free music lessons online! This online class is hosted on weekdays at 3 PM EST on their website and anyone who loves music is welcomed to join. Each week, an artist will be hosting classes ranging from beginner to intermediate levels to teach various instruments, including guitar, piano, and more! During these challenging times, we are so proud to be a partner of this passionate brand that is offering a valuable solution to music-lovers worldwide.


This sustainable kitchenware brand is working diligently to create masks using the supplies they have available. The shortage of masks for healthcare workers has placed an immense burden on the individuals working hard to save lives. Bamboozle’s noble acts of charity display the brand’s empathy and understanding of corporate social responsibility. With their help, more doctors and nurses will have the equipment they need to stay safe and do their jobs. We tip our hats to this proud partner of ours!

Bold Brand Initiatives

Some of the most well-known brands recently revealed significant initiatives to assist in the fight against the coronavirus. From supply donations and fundraisers, to efforts to help support their employees’ wellbeing, here are some of the most powerful actions we have seen that will help the world recover. 


In response to COVID-19, lululemon created a relief fund to help their ambassadors who represent the brand. The lululemon ambassadors are yoga studio owners across the world. The $2 million global grant is designed to help their community of yogis survive the financial burden during these unprecedented times.


Popular amongst the healthcare community, Crocs has launched a new initiative to send all healthcare workers a free pair of shoes. It is crucial for doctors and nurses to have the supplies and attire they need to save lives. This iconic, unique brand saw this as an opportunity to give back to the heroes on the frontline.

Under Armor

As one of the top fitness clothing brands in the nation, Under Armor decided to use its materials and supplies for good by creating masks for healthcare workers in Baltimore, the birthplace of the brand. Volunteers have been working diligently to create no-sew masks that can help protect the individuals combatting the illness. The Senior Vice President, Randy Harward, believes the company can create and donate 100,000 masks per week.


As sports and other forms of entertainment have been put on hold, Budweiser decided to redirect their advertising budget and donate $5 million to the American Red Cross. The brand is also currently working to find available arenas to host blood drives. Two of the Anheuser Busch tour centers are also available to support these efforts. The brand is committed to doing its part as an integral member of the #OneTeam family, driven to fight against COVID-19.

Social Media Responses

Other brands took to social media to raise awareness in stopping the spread of the pandemic. Read on to see some of our favorite messaging to remind followers to stay at home.


Gymshark is a popular athleisure wear brand that came into the spotlight with their successful influencer marketing campaign. While all gyms are currently closed, this clever company decided to temporarily change their name to “Homeshark,” reminding fitness enthusiasts to stay indoors. With over 801,000 likes, this messaging strikes the right tone with their audience.


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this ain’t no joke. stay safe Gymshark fam 💙 #Gymshark

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A global brand that encourages people to travel and commute safely is reminding everyone who has the ability to stay home, to stay put. The bold text and abrupt headline grabs your attention and stops the scroll. This Twitter ad is effective and allows the user to understand their simple, yet powerful, messaging quickly.

These efforts remind us that no act of CSR is too big or too small. We are so inspired by these brands and look forward to seeing more companies join the fight to flatten the curve.

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