Summertime is typically known as a slow period for agency folks, but at lotus823, our digital marketers experienced quite the opposite. While our PR team was busy with holiday gift guide pitching, our social media team welcomed a new member!

Vicki Marziale recently joined lotus823 as a Social Media Account Executive. Now that she’s had some time to settle in, we wanted to see how things are going so far. Check out the interview below to learn a little bit more about Vicki, including her love for burritos and why she thinks social media is such a powerful tool for brands.

Welcome aboard, Vicki! What’s your favorite thing about lotus so far?

The way everyone works together. There are no walls…literally; the open workspace really allows everyone to collaborate in an effective way. No more hiding in your cubicle!

How did you stumble upon a career in digital marketing?

Stumble is a good word for it, actually. I studied art so I entered the marketing world with an entirely different background and outlook. I started off working as a graphic designer for the marketing department of a technology company. I used the hands-on experience I gained there to make the jump into social media marketing. The rest is history!

So you like social media, huh? Why do you think it’s such a powerful tool for marketers?

It gives brands the ability to appeal to customers on a personal level. Social media is a deeply personal thing; users are actively choosing to follow brands and essentially inviting them into their daily lives. It’s a powerful tool for consumers, too, allowing them to give brands feedback in a way we’ve never experienced before.

If you had to pick one, what’s your favorite social media platform for a brand and why?

I really love Instagram. I feel it gives brands a chance to loosen up a bit and really engage with customers. It forces marketers to think outside the box – you can’t just post the same redundant content from Facebook. It also provides a ton of user generated content that brands can share.

Which brand do you think is killing it on social media right now?

Taco Bell is absolutely dominating the social space right now. They know their audience and appeal to them in a way that can’t be matched. Never underestimate the power of not taking your brand too seriously.

What’s your favorite marketing campaign of all time?

“Where’s the Beef?” obviously! No, I’m kidding, it’s hard to pick just one, but Apple’s Get A Mac campaign ranks high among my favorites. The ads told users everything they needed to know about Macs in a simple and humorous way. It was a refreshing take on the legendary battle between Apple and Microsoft.

We have to ask…what’s your favorite food?

That’s an easy one – burritos! I actually combined my love for social media and burritos last year with the hashtag #OperationBurrito. For all of 2014 I made it my mission to document every burrito I ate on Instagram. For the record, I clocked in at 55 burritos for the year.

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, Vicki! We look forward to the great ideas you’ll bring to lotus823. To learn more about the rest of our team, click here.

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