We had the pleasure of welcoming Emma Rawson, a business student from the UK, into our New Jersey office for a week. We asked her to guest blog her experience working with our PR and digital marketing teams. To see all of our posts from guest bloggers click here. If you would like to be a guest blogger for The lotus Position click here.

Having spent the last week shadowing employees at lotus823, I am now able to sit back with a good old English cup of tea and reflect on some of the things I learned while working here.

Before this experience, I never had the opportunity to work in an office environment, so what better way to rectify this than by flying across the pond to work in New Jersey’s finest PR and digital marketing agency?

Shadowing the team at lotus823 has allowed me to speak to the passionate and enthusiastic employees on both a professional and personal level and learn all about what each job role entails on a daily basis. I was able to sit in on meetings and calls with clients and observe daily tasks, which gave me a real insight into how a boutique PR firm is run.

During my shadowing experience, lotus823 taught me some valuable lessons about the PR and digital marketing industry.

1. The main objective of PR is to increase brand awareness

This was explained to me when shadowing Senior Account Executive, Beth. Before this experience, I had always believed that the main purpose of PR, like advertising, is to increase a client’s sales. However, Beth explained to me that although PR can, and most likely does lead to more sales, it is not the primary objective. The main objective is to increase brand awareness and make sure people know what the business is all about.

2. Customer service is key

Although everyone at lotus823 made this clear, I really saw the importance of this when shadowing Assistant Account Executive, Caitlin, and learning about lotus823’s tastiest client, Broad Street Dough Co. As this is a local business and a 5-minute drive from the office, the agency is able to provide both a professional and personal service, which in turn is rewarded with mouth-watering treats and the blessing/curse of being able to stare at pictures of doughnuts all day!

3. A social media presence is a must-have

As society has evolved, so has the way in which we promote content. It has become clear to me that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now essential tools for businesses to showcase their latest products or services. Shadowing at lotus823 has shown me that social media allows a direct line of communication between customers and brands, allowing businesses to better meet the needs of their audiences, respond to any queries or address any complaints.

I feel confident that after this amazing experience at lotus823, I can now fly back over the pond with strong knowledge and understanding of the PR and digital marketing industry. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside such passionate and motivated staff. I know that the skills and knowledge that I have gained will help in both my remaining 2 years at university and in my future career- whether it is in the UK or the USA.


Emma Rawson is a student majoring in international business at the University of Leeds in England. She hopes to use a combination of work experience and her studies to pursue a career in marketing or PR in the U.S. once she graduates.

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