Another month has past us and if you have missed some of our recent blogs, no need to worry.  We are back with our integrated marketing monthly roundup!

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite brands, best practices advice and tips to land you the internship you’re yearning for.

5 Tips to Help You Land the Internship You Want

By: Lisa McDonald

Interning has become a mandatory part of many college curriculums.  Sometimes finding one can be a bit difficult due to the overload of schoolwork and competition among other students.  Lisa has put together a list of five tips to help you nail your interview and get the position, here:

Creative Marketing Ideas and Solutions Guide

By: Jessica Guida

Ever been in the middle of a project and suddenly you’re at a loss?  No worries, it happens to everyone!  Creativity is something that may come and go, but learning how to trigger your creative thoughts can be easier than you think.  Find out what can spark your creativity, here:

Our Favorite Integrated Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral

By: Christine Rochelle

“As consumers we’re over stimulated every day with images, either entertaining or for marketing, but often they’re both.”  Do our favorite viral campaigns match yours?  Check out Christine’s list and let us know!

Notes From a PR Specialist: The Art of Damage Control

By: Kara Hunt

Though we all have a love for public relations, every PR specialists knows that sometimes there can be stress involved when it comes to damage control.  No matter who or what your client is, there’s a chance for negative publicity and you have to grab hold of it before it takes a turn for the worse.  Not sure where to start?  Plan ahead!  Here’s how:

[Download New Guide] Google+ Best Practices

By: Erin Cunningham

The second in a series, our Google+ Best Practices guide is here to help you better navigator this social network.  Google+ is “reportedly the second most used social network worldwide.”  Keep our checklist handy and get your personal or company brand on there for the world to see.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?  Tips to Avoid a PR Blunder

By: Beth Gard

“The beauty of social media is that you instantly share anything with your friends… The downside of social media is that you can instantly share anything with your friends…” You said it, Beth!  Almost everyone, every brand, everywhere is on social media.  Keep in mind that once your post is submitted so many eyes will be seeing it, and even if deleted, it could be remembered for a lifetime.  Take these three tips into consideration when using social media:

Integrated Marketing Strategy Notes: 4 Tips for Short Content That is Still Sweet

By: Dave Campbell

Getting your story across in 140 characters or less is becoming second nature to most due to the shift in social media.  Consumers are adapting to these ways and want immediate, short, sweet content.  Check out these four tips to execute the art of short content:

Staying Ahead with Video Marketing: 3 Tips for a Vine

By: Dave Campbell

To support the previous blog post on short content, Dave gives you three tips on video marketing through Vine.  This is a quick, easy and entertaining way to market yourself or your brand. Check it out, here:

How to Remove Your Brand’s Halo

By: Heather Hewit

It’s easy to create something and think it’s the best.  You’ve created it.  Your brand is nothing without the consumer, though.  Getting your audience to see your brand’s “halo” is done through the strategy you take to sell your product.  Ask yourself these questions to determine if your brand will be unique in your potential consumer’s eyes:

Taco Bell: Serving Up the Spiciest Social Media Marketing This Side of the Rio Grande

By: Craig Capron

If you follow social media you probably know that Taco Bell is quick, witty and successful with their tactics and responses.  Looking for that edge that Taco Bell has?  Check out these three key elements to their success in social media marketing:

Ensuring and Improving Brand Customer Loyalty Like Birchbox

By: Kara Hunt

We all have a brand that we love, follow and promote.  There are reasons why we adore these brands and continue to use their products or services.  Kara’s favorite?  Birchbox.  See the techniques she admires about them and use it to your advantage when selling yourself or product:

There you have it!  Another month of insight on our integrated marketing techniques, opinions and knowledge.  Anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to know about?  Or would you like to know more on a topic we’ve already covered?  Let us know below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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