Facebook’s newest addition is called Facebook Page Insights. It allows Facebook Page owners to understand the status of their pages and us that information to expand and reach larger audiences.

Understanding Facebook Insights Importance

Facebook Page Insights tells you:

  • The total number of likes on your page
  • The number of people who are friends with your fans
  • The number of people talking about the Facebook Page
  • The number of people that your information reached
  • A detailed break down of your audience (including age and gender)

Where do you find Facebook Page Insights?

On the left-hand column of your page you will find a column of choices. There is an easy-to-find Insights tab that you click, which will bring you right to your page’s status break down.

What are the benefits of Facebook Page Insights?

At lotus823, we understand how important it is to know your audience while trying to reach them with social media. This is an easy way for businesses to learn about their audiences and use this to their advantage when reaching them through social media.

Want a tour of Facebook Page Insights? Click here and find out more! http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Page_Insights_en_US.pdf

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