It’s that magical time of year again, when everyone is reminded to be a little more selfless and have compassion for those less fortunate. Many of us look for ways to reach out to those in need and there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit! Now more than ever, many businesses are inspiring others by giving back and making donations in lieu of giving gifts.

Efforts to Give Back

Many organizations are giving to charities by donating their time or making donations during the holiday season. Here are some examples of businesses giving back:

1. eBay is pairing up with Toys for Tots. Anyone can make a donation through their website. However, if you are in the New York or San Francisco areas, you can visit their holiday themed window displays for an interactive experience through an app that will lead to a donation.
2. Kraft Food’s donates meals to Feeding America after fans of their Facebook page interact via trivia and survey questions.
3. Coca-Cola changed the symbolic red cans to white this holiday season. App users can scan the cans and earn points to help the company make donations to Arctic Home, the campaign for polar bear preservation.

See how other companies are giving back this holiday season!

lotus823 Gives Back

We understand how important it is to give back, especially during this time of the year. On behalf of our clients, we will be donating funds to Community Food Bank of New Jersey this 2011 holiday season. This food bank donates to nearly 1,500 non-profit charities throughout New Jersey. The Community Food Bank lists some facts and tips here to get you started.

Getting Involved

Local food banks are established all across the U.S. and fight hunger and poverty by distributing food and groceries, providing education and training, and developing new programs to help local people with low incomes meet their basic needs. A great way for companies or individuals to give back is through a food drive and donating time or money to a local food bank. Food banks are always in need and gratefully accepting donations.

Instead of giving conventional gifts this year, why not make a donation to a worthy cause? How will you be giving back this holiday season? Spread some holiday cheer and let us know!

Food Bank of New Jersey

Check out this short special Thank You video we received from the Food Bank of New Jersey.

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