Twitter just recently updated its appearance on its website, mobile apps, and social media integrator.

new twitter design


What’s New?

  • Twitter has been reorganized into four categories, both on the website and mobile apps.
    • Home: Your feed will be more consistent across platforms, be able to view photos and videos right in the tweet instead of a side column, and see information about the tweet
    • Connect: This is where you can find all of your replies and mentions
    • Discover: An advanced search function in which you can identify stories and trends based on your connections, locations, and language
    • Me: Your information will now appear, on the left, bigger and neater
  • You will be able to embed individual tweets on your website. Viewers of the website can retweet, reply or favorite the tweet without leaving the page.
  • Companies can have brand pages which allows for more interaction with followers and a customized look.

What’s Gone?

  • You can no longer translate tweets
  • You can no longer mail, repost or save links to Instapaper

Most users have reported to like the new Twitter design and capabilities. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and share with us!

View the article on Mashable for more information!

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