CBD is a unique industry that is on the rise with no signs of stopping. Cannabidiol, commonly known as “CBD,” is a substance that can be extracted from hemp or marijuana plants. As marijuana continues to become legalized in multiple states across the country, CBD is completely legal for purchase and consumption in most states. CBD can be used for a variety of reasons, but quickly rose in popularity due to its natural benefits and healing properties. Since there are still many unknown factors to this industry, there are restrictions on how you can advertise, promote, and market these products. Continue reading to learn more about which advertising efforts are off limits online and effective strategies for CBD marketing.

CBD Marketing – The Restrictions and Opportunities

CBD Advertising Restrictions

Since CBD is not federally legal, there are limits to the type of advertising and promotion you can do to market these products. To ensure you do not run into any legal issues, learn more about the following advertising restrictions below.

  • Facebook & Instagram – These platforms do not allow the promotion of any products containing CBD through paid advertising. Facebook and Instagram will allow ads for topical hemp, but CBD cannot be included in the product.
  • Google ­– The search engine giant has taken a hard stance on the CBD advertising. Google prohibits ads of any kind promoting the consumption or purchase of CBD So much so that if you attempt to launch ads to share these products, Google will go as far to remove the ads and suspend your account.
  • Twitter – This platform allows advertisers to launch campaigns to promote CBD products, however you must follow extensive guidelines to do so. Advertisers may not target anyone under the age of 21 or target certain states. Additionally, the brand/advertiser must be pre-authorized by Twitter to do so as well as other requirements that can be found here.
  • Amazon – While consumers are allowed to purchase CBD products on Amazon, the platform strictly prohibits advertising of CBD products. 

How to Promote Your CBD Products

Now that we have covered the platforms that restrict CBD advertising, let’s talk about the ways you can promote these products!

  • SEO ­– Focusing your efforts to ensure your site is properly optimized when consumers search for CBD will help your brand immensely. While it may be a bit difficult for anyone who is unfamiliar with search engine optimization, working with SEO experts can be extremely cost effective and efficient for optimizing your site with the appropriate keywords that must live in the copy and in the meta data. Your SEO efforts will require some time before seeing results, but with patience, your brand can be seen on the first page of Google for free!
  • Influencer Marketing ­– By partnering with unique, prominent influencers in various niches, you will be able to reach new audiences like never before. Plus, with an influencer’s support, shoppers will be more likely to choose your brand over thousands of competitors. Keep in mind that any compensation offered to these influencers must follow FTC guidelines.
  • Email Marketing – One of the oldest tricks in the book, and yet one of the most effective still today! Offer your email subscribers discounts, coupons, and offers to drive conversions and improve customer retention. If they are familiar with your brand, a friendly offer entering their inbox may be just what they need to purchase again.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Another extremely effective tactic that will help increase your brand awareness and sales. Consider working with a network of CBD affiliate marketers to get the word out about your products. Affiliate programs who include experts in this space will further enhance your credibility and position your product directly in front of consumers who are eager to make a purchase.
  • Organic Social Media Content – By enhancing the content and increasing the frequency of your posts, organic social content will also assist in gaining new customers. This effort should be in conjunction with other efforts above. If a shopper is interested, there is a high possibility they will check out your social channels too. Always put your brand’s best foot forward on social!

This booming industry is rapidly changing. Be sure to stay up to date on all regulations, opportunities, and FDA enforcements while growing your CBD business!

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