As one of the world’s most popular social media platforms in 2020, it is no question that your brand should consider advertising on TikTok. This platform is known for its short clips, viral content, and robust Gen Z audience. With a wide variety of comedic and creative content to watch, users can be found scrolling on the app for hours. Continuing our collection of social media advertising best practices, we’re taking on TikTok!

Social Media Advertising Best Practices: TikTok

This iOS and Android-compatible social media app launched in 2016 with the main premise of encouraging users to create and share short video clips. TikTok currently has 800 million active users worldwide, which explains why its advertising options are on the pricier side. However, if you decide to take the leap for your brand, it is extremely likely your brand awareness and sales will see your desired results. Continue reading to learn more about the best practices for TikTok advertising!

  1. Vertical Videos Are Key – In order to deliver an in-feed-feel with your ad, your brand must feature clips that are 9:16 or 1:1 to fit the platform’s preferred content design. If your video ad does not fit these parameters, the video may get cut off, leading to poor ad performance. Also, aim to keep the video file under 500 MB to prevent any issues when uploading.
  2. Keep It Short – When creating your video ad, be sure the length is between 9 and 15 seconds with the most important aspects showcased in the beginning of the video. You do not have a lot of time to stop users from scrolling, so make sure your ad is impactful right from the start with high-quality visuals and audio elements.
  3. Add Music – Since audio is required when using the TikTok app, adding background music to your ad can add an exciting element that entices users to want to learn more! Consider researching the most popular audio clips that you can incorporate in your ads.
  4. Craft Your Caption – Users may not stick around to view your entire ad, so include everything you want consumers to know in the caption. The caption should be informative and succinct. Keep in mind, the limit for your caption is 12-100 characters.
  5. The Power of Your Call-To-Action – Like any other social platform, your CTA is crucial to the success of your ad. Using a native button, encourage users to click with powerful copy. TikTok offers a variety of CTA options, including Download, Shop Now, Learn More, and many others. Whatever your campaign goals are, TikTok has an option for it!

This social platform is so much more than lip-synching and dancing. Paid advertising with TikTok can help you reach your target market and other audiences you have been wanting to tap into with a fresh approach!

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