When something goes wrong with a product or service, the customer needs a way to complain. Until somewhat recently, customers were forced to make phone calls directly to the company if they had an issue. Now, customers are using social media sites to voice their complaints. It is much easier and less time consuming to send out a tweet or leave a comment on a Facebook page than to actually call. A survey by social media research firm NM Incite states, “47 percent of social media users actively seek customer service through social media channels.” The number increases as more and more people are now using social media as a tool for customer service.

social media toolsInitially this might not seem like a good place for customer service because it is a public platform and other customers can read a complaint. The advantage is that businesses can respond publicly to the customer and directly address their needs. By addressing a customer on a social media networking site, a business can make a quick response and potentially save a customer that would take their business elsewhere, while at the same time showing potential customers they respond quickly.  According to Time Magazine, “Nearly half of social media users have sought customer service via social channels, and 71 percent of those who have a positive experience are likely to recommend the brand or company, compared with just 19 percent who get no response.”

Are you a brand looking to enhance your customer service with a social media strategy? Here are 5 social media tools to help improve your online customer service:

  1. Salesforce Social Hub
  2. LiveOps Social
  3. Social Dynamx
  4. Social Media Spaces by Moxie Software
  5. Conversocial

Customers like their problems to be addressed directly from a company. A quick and well-informed response will make the customer happy. And those tools will be sure to help you do just that!

lotus823 gets a front row seat to this type of interaction through their integrated marketing services which includes internet reputation management practices that we put into place for our clients. It’s clear that good customer service has never been more important!

Do you have another social media tool that is a great for customer service? Tell us below!

Integrated Marketing at lotus823By the lotus823 Interns. At lotus823, our interns support the agency’s integrated marketing efforts through their work on public relations, social media and search engine optimization initiatives. These students manage the intern Twitter account, craft creative social media content and draft engaging blog posts for a variety of consumer electronic and lifestyle clients. Follow the lotus823 interns at: @lotus823_intern. Read other posts by the lotus823 Interns.

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