The integrated marketing monthly roundup is your source for all lotus823 blog posts from the past month. From public relations to social media and search engine marketing, we’ve got you covered! This week loops you in on conquering CES, Super Bowl social media, creating a work-life balance, product launch platform,, and how to break unhealthy desk job habits… Dig in, you know you want to!

JB’s Lessons from the Trenches: 2013 CES “I Have Never Been This Tired” Edition
By: Jessie Barrett
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First time attendees had a lot of CES planning, scheduling and marketing to do in preparation for CES 2013. Check out Jessie Barrett’s tips for first time attendees at CES 2014 and beyond, here:

Social Media Lit Up During Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage
By: Katie Foley
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This year’s Super Bowl power outage lit up social media even as the Superdome power failed. Brands from Oreo to Tide to Calvin Klein jumped at the chance to post on social media sites about the Superdome lights failure while still promoting their brand. Read all about it, here:

My Work-Life Balancing Act
By: Ali Nudo
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A public relation professional’s work-life is a balancing act. Check out Ali Nudo’s top three tips for work-life balance success, here:

Not Sure What to Do with Your New Product?!
By: Alecia Shaver
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lotus823 announces an agency partnership with, a new product launch marketing company! Learn more about the product launch platform, here:

Don’t Let Your Integrated Marketing Job Kill You!
By: Craig Capron
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Don’t let your integrated marketing job kill you by keeping you behind the computer too long. Check out Craig Capron’s tips to break unhealthy desk job habits, here:

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