Brand ambassadors are a great tool to assist companies in their marketing efforts. Whether with a small or large business, brand ambassadors can help companies tap into their target market more by being a representation of the brand’s voice and promoting its products. In this post, we will explain what exactly brand ambassadors do and the immense value they can bring to brands.


What are brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador represents and advertises a company. They act as the embodiment of the brand that they are endorsing and as the link between a company and its customers. Their mission is to spread awareness about the brand and to deliver its voice and message through the usage of social media. 


What are the benefits of using brand ambassadors? 

  • Humanizing the brand

Brands are just a name and logo, so brand ambassadors help bring a face to its identity. Brand ambassadors use their personalities to share information and expertise about a brand’s services or products to positively engage people. A human face to the brand can bring forth deeper trust and reliability to consumers.

  • Building a positive reputation 

Brands can only do so much to steer their public image. Ultimately, it is customers who nurture a brand’s reputation through their feedback and interactions. Having brand ambassadors means more positive reviews and comments for the business. 

  • Increasing engagement and reach 

Word-of-mouth advertising having the power to drive new customers is nothing new. A community of brand ambassadors eager to share information about a company’s products and promotions equates to a larger audience being reached. An ambassador’s social reach and industry affiliations facilitate in spreading the good word and connecting users to the brand. 

  • Creating lasting impact 

Brand ambassador programs are retention-focused, meaning that they intend to keep existing customers as the goal is that they will form a loyalty with the brand. The long-lasting nature of their relationships with customer bases is beneficial to small and large businesses alike. And even though ambassadors tend to only take part in these programs for around 6 months to a year, its effects continue. 

  • Saving money 

Studies support the idea of consumers resonating far more with products that have been recommended by regular people rather than direct branding messages. Although a company might compensate its ambassadors with money or by product trade out, a brand ambassador program is still more cost effective to run than traditional paid advertisements. 


What makes a brand ambassador program successful?

Brands should have regular communication with their ambassadors to be sure both parties remain in accordance to encourage a sustainable relationship. Brands will also want to make sure they are using the right people to represent its image. Many organizations offer ways to get involved as ambassadors within their current user base on social media to ensure that only the most passionate and engaged are serving as their voice. To tell if a program is successful or not, its performance should be tracked based on a set of predetermined goals unique to that business. However, some metrics that would be useful for many brands to monitor include referrals, shares, impressions, return on investment, and cost of acquisition.


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