It’s one week after a shopping trip and I realized I’ve used nearly an entire bottle of conditioner… and consumed nearly an entire jar of fig jam.

Clearly, these things should last longer than a week. But, really, who is the average consumer? Surely, we all have a set of brands we lust after.

When it comes to the things we personally adore, it’s easy to become comfortable with rash and consistent purchases. But what about when it comes to your brand?

It’s easy to view your company with a halo. What do I mean by this? You’ve created a company. You’ve created a product. You’ve probably invested everything you have in terms of time, money, and emotional energy… I could go on. Your product is your baby. It’s your first-born. It’s wearing a halo and you’ve certainly been drinking the Kool Aid since day one.

Now, it’s time to enact your branding strategy and sell your product. Of course, it’s easy to get to thinking that everyone will love it as much as you do. But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s easy to point fingers when others don’t love your beloved. And, it is exactly in that moment that you must set down the Kool Aid and offer others a sip. But, how do you get them to drink?

Think about your fig jam, your favorite cardigan, or even your car. Dive deep to determine why you made these decisions. Then, apply that process to your brand. If you can’t answer the questions below about your brand it’s very likely your potential consumers are experiencing the same confusion.

  • Is my product the first of its kind or an industry norm?

  • What makes my product unique?

  • What does it offer that others don’t?

  • If it doesn’t offer something unique, what is its value proposition? Is it price? Superior quality?…

At the end of the day: Consider why you value the brands you do and never forget to take a step back and look at what you’re doing from your potential consumers’ eyes. They are indeed the most crucial piece to your beautiful puzzle.

Not personally looking to launch a brand? If you’re on the job hunt, you definitely are: your personal brand. Try applying these questions to yourself when preparing for an interview or building your resume.


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