Vine is exciting, hilarious, and occasionally avant-garde, making it a powerful addition to the social media sphere.

It can be your vehicle to rapid-fire visibility and artistic expression of your brand if you use it properly. Vine can be an integral part of your video marketing strategy, as long as you focus on engaging content.

Making Engaging Vine Art

Use time lapse.

You can animate inanimate objects with stop motion Vine photography. Tell a continuous story about yourself and your brand using the technique. It’s undeniably interesting, in a universal way. Check out Sam Cummings’ “The Paperman’s Escape”

Let your real personality shine.

Vine popularity is usually derived from an intrinsic weirdness. It’s OK to let your brand breathe a little bit, and take your expression to a stranger place on Vine than you would in, say, blogs. The six-second format necessitates an attention-grabbing concept. Match its impact with a wild personality. Take this Urban Outfitters Vine, for instance:

Put a spotlight on your latest content.

You can use Vine to propagate your traditional content as well. Not only are you informing a different subset of your consumers’ culture, you are strengthening internal link between your various associated media. USA Today has done this beautifully with Vines of their headlines.

These methods are only the beginning of what is possible with Vine. You may consider a series, with 6-second episodes in a continuous plot. You can also open your Vine video marketing strategy to your customers and let them submit their own Vines for prizes. There’s no limit to what you can do, aside from the 6 seconds. Use the social media tools at your disposal, and your visibility will increase. Your brand will become more refined if you let it explore its creative side in marketing with Vine.

Show us your Vines! We’d love to see how you’re interpreting this fascinating new tool, so show us on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading our blog for more Vine tips!

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