The Fall New York Tabletop Show: An Overview

Last month, our Chief Strategy Officer, Rachel Litner, attended the fall New York Tabletop Show. The semi-annual show, hosted by Forty One Madison, featured new products that revolve around upcoming consumer trends in the lifestyle market. The show featured showrooms with the newest products in the home and lifestyle industry’s top brands.

Were you unable to attend the NY Tabletop show? No need to worry! Keep reading to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest trends in the Tabletop industry.

Core Trends

Utilitarian Design: Most featured product designs were influenced by foodservice and hospitality roots. The homeware was influenced by restaurant quality features and functionality, while still emulating the experience of dining at a local restaurant.

The Fall New York Tabletop Show: An Overview

Brand Partnerships: The tabletop industry continues to branch out and work with architects and designers outside of the tabletop industry. These collaborations were evident throughout the entire show. For example, Royal Doulton displayed their collaboration with Gordon Ramsey, and Vista Alegre debuted their Amazonia Collection, inspired by sister cultures of Portugal and Brazil.

Home Experiences: The ongoing themes of home experiences and family gatherings were present throughout the show. Product designs were centered around the communal nature of food, as well as the joy of shared cooking, dining, and drinking experiences at home. In addition, many wine glasses were featured to go along with the wine trend.
The Fall New York Tabletop Show: An Overview
Mixed Materials and Textures: At multiple showrooms, product designs focused on mixed materials. This included textures like wood and gold accents. The overarching color scheme included pieces of the blue, green, and pink palettes, specifically emphasizing mint green and rich blue tones.

Now that you’re caught up with the tabletop industry’s latest trends, be sure your products are ready for sale. Our team of professionals is here to help your brand establish a digital presence that is well-known. Contact us today!

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