How to Maximize Efforts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When it comes to shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brands and retailers have to be prepared for both in-store and online promotions. This year on Black Friday, 86% of Americans are planning on shopping, a 12% overall increase from 2018. Cyber Monday is also on track to break its 2018 sales revenue record of 6.6 billion dollars. As shoppers are looking to get the most out of these sales, it is essential that your brand is prepared. Is your brand ready for the annual holiday rush? Keep reading to learn our best tips for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

We don’t doubt that your brand has already established its presence on social media. Our tips will help you take further advantage of those platforms that you’ve worked so hard to build. For brands focusing on in-store deals, the overcrowded malls and stores can all start to blend together during the day, so take this as a way to create a unique experience for shoppers.

  1. Giveaways: Since every brand and store will have their own discounts for the day, it’s important to create a different experience with giveaways. Consumers will definitely be online looking for deals, so giveaway posts on your social channels will further garner their attention. In addition, setting price thresholds where shoppers will receive a free promotional item, such as a branded bag or t-shirt, will encourage additional purchases.
  2. Branded Hashtags: In addition to your typical posts on social channels, a great way to engage consumers is by creating branded hashtags for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In using those hashtags, consumers will be able to easily find deals that you are offering for each specific day.
  3. Interactive Videos: Video content always results in higher engagement rates. Take advantage of that strategy and create fun videos that will catch users’ eyes. As Instagram and Snapchat offer various customization options, develop fun filters that consumers can use when in or near your retail location.
  4. Photo Giveaways: As shoppers are making their way through different stores, provide opportunities for photo giveaways. For example, encourage consumers to come into your store on a certain day to take and share a photo across their social media platforms. They can use the branded hashtag you created and be entered into a giveaway for a chance to win a free item, such as a store gift card.

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